Book: Adventures of a “bon vivant”

25 Mar

When I registered myself on Facebook recently, immediately I got a message from a co-blogger, the very well known Ventura Sala, living in Mallorca. He mentioned the “must have” book, (which is only published in Spanish) called “Aventuras de un vividor”. It is only to mention the fact that this book actually exists. Although we haven't met yet (but we were d*mn close only a few weeks ago!), Ventura is probably the only  local authority on Errol on that beautiful island in the Med.

He sent me two CD's in Spanish with a wealth of information, which in their own way are an enormous contribution to the legion of EF fans / admirers. Once we do meet, I am certain that he will take me to Errol's old “water holes”. Can't wait!!


— Don Jan


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