Nora Martin, Author, Educator, old friend…

I knew Nora Martin when we lived in Bellingham, WA “Back in the Day” when the world was young… she was then a talented dancer, and student who won a spectacular talent show at a gala evening event covered on the radio and brought the house down with her perfect ballet form, and blazing talents on stage. She went on to become a noted educator, author and wife to a young man who hung around the sidelines of her life for awhile adventuring in Alaska and other places doing research and has since given her two sons who are the light of her life, I'm sure. Nora was always a great pal to have, and I and my then girlfriend Terry (later my wife) thought of her as our third Musketeer! Over the years we lost touch… but recently I found her website and reconnected with our old chum! She tells me she intends to do a lot more writing! Good news for those of us who love a good read and imaginative stories…


           Nora Martin

A Perfect Snow


Winner of the Northwest Book Sellers' Association Award
Junior Library Guild Selection
ALA Best Trade Book For Social Studies

Ben Campbell has just moved from a ranch where his dad was the foreman,
to a trailer park where his dad doesn't have a job.  The family is
befriended by a local mechanic who runs what seems to be a men's support
group but is in fact a white supremacist organization.  At first Ben
finds it easy to believe what he hears at the meetings.  He and his
brother participate in the group's horrible activities, but with the
help of new friends Ben soon realizes the danger in propagating hatred. 
Ben may be able to save himself, but  can he save his brother?

ISBN: 1582347883

Flight of the Fisherbird


ALA Best Trade Book for Social Studies
is 1889, and growing up as the only child on a small island off the
coast of Washington State has taught Clementine Nesbitt to be
self-assured and capable, especially in her boat, the Fisherbird.  But
her confidence is shaken one foggy day as she finds herself rescuing a
Chinese man who has been thrown overboard from a ship.  
Bloomsbury Books For Children
ISBN: 1-58234-814-6

The Eagle's Shadow


ALA Best Trade Book for Social Studies
Bank Street College Best Book
Clearie's father sends her to live in the remote village with her
mother's family, who are Tlingit Indians, her welcome feels almost as
cold as the northern Winter.  But Clearie finds herself drawn into her
Tlingt heritage and the life of the village.  She finds meaning in the
land, art and family.
Scholastic Press
ISBN 0590360876

The Stone Dancers


tells young Anise a legend with a message that reverberates through
time.  They are a people of welcome and a community that understands the
landscape and one another.
Simon and Shuster Publishing
ISBN 0689803125


— David DeWitt

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