“Errol Flynn Co-Star To Sign Autographs At Chicago Show”

03 Jan

At the March 2011 Hollywood Collectibles Show in Chicago, Illinois one of Errol Flynn's actual co-stars will be there in person signing autographs.  

On top of that she was the star of the most obscure, impossible-to-find, and virtually unseen film in Errol Flynn's entire career.  The film is “Hello God” (1951).    Very little is known about this film other than it was shot in Italy, and was written and directed by William Marshall.   When Errol saw the finsished product, he was so horrified that he destroyed the print.   Director Marshall was able to re-recreate the film from outtakes, and shot additional scenes.   

The film played at a single film festival in Spain.   A legal representative of the Flynn estates once asked Patrice Wymore about “Hello God”.  She said she had seen the film and that Errol Flynn gave a wonderful performance as the ghost of an American soldier killed at Anzio Beach in World War Two.  

In William Marshal's own autobiographical novel, he strongly hints that “Hello God” was already filmed in Italy with an Italian actor. Then he simply re-shot the actor's close-ups with new footage of Errol Flynn.  

Outside of Ms. Wymore no one I know has ever seen the film let alone co-star in it with Flynn.   

I intend to attend the Chicago show and ask the lovely Ms. jackson several questions. 

Did she work in Italy on te film or were all her scenes shot in Califonia? 

 Did she ever work on camera or on set with Errol Flynn or were her scenes filmed after he tried to destroy the film? 

  Has she ever actually seen the film? 

  Does she have a copy of the film?

 Does she still have a copy of the screenplay?

The enigmatic “Hello God” is Errol Flynn's ghost film, in that many people doubt its very existence today or even back then. 

Sherry Jackson may be the key to solving this mystery!

Best Wishes

Ralph Schiller



— Ralph Schiller


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  1. Anonymous

    January 3, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    Ralph, you super sleuth!! This is great news! I wish you good luck for this day and eagerly wait for the outcome!!!

  2. Anonymous

    January 8, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Here's a Youtube clip…
    Seems like you're going to have a thrill if you get to talk to her!! Hope she can shed light and give some answers to your questions.

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