Welll, this is rather strange… I got a copy of Glen McDonald's “How Come I'm Dead?” somewhen this year. After having read the first chapter, I put it in store with my other Flynn books. Now I accidentally examined the dedication, and it struck me. It says:

“To Bev and Ron   Happy Thanksgiving   Linc”

Could it be? Could it be that Lincoln D. Hurst offered this book to Beverly Aadland and her second husband Ron Fisher? And that I happened to get that copy???? I mean, think about it! Lincoln D. Hurst offering such a book about her deceased lover to Beverly?!?

I ordered the book online from BayCityBooks in Benicia, California in June 2010, so it might well be that Ronald Fisher sold it after Beverly's death… I'm still somewhat stunned…

— Inga

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