I've been in touch with Harry Eiler…

06 Oct

Chums, Harry Eiler has been in touch with me recently (you will find a reference on the blog to Harry Eiler (in John's The Ghost of Navy Island article) who owned the Admiralty Club and lived with his wife Alice in one of the bungalows on Navy Island. Harry wrote a book mss called Terror in Paradise  which details a violent experience he and his wife endured one day on the island that turned their lives upside down. The story points out that longstanding poverty and racism in the islands creates mistrust and resentments that go way back into the history of Jamaica. And still exist today. He has provided some photos and I will put most of them into a gallery, soon. After Harry has had a chance to make sure his story is properly formatted for the blog, I will post it here. I appreciate the chance to publish his story here on the blog, and give Harry a Tip o the Hat for his kindness…

Harry and Alice Eiler

— David DeWitt


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