Dave Kehr On The New Flynn Boxed Set

Greetings, fellow Flynnians!  What a privilege to be a part of David's great site.  For my maiden post, I'm attaching Dave Kehr's recent review of the Errol Flynn Adventures boxed set in the New York Times.  In my opinion, Kehr is one of the best writers on classic film today, and this review more than supports my point.  As long as I have been watching Our Man Flynn, I had never considered Raoul Walsh's role in bending the heroic Flynn persona, making it more quietly human and believable during the war, especially after the rape acquittal. 

Kehr also wrote an excellent review of the Errol Flynn western set that came out a couple of years back.  I'll try and find that link for posting. 


Best to all, Sean. 

— SeanW

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