'New Book On Hollywood With Errol Flynn References'

09 Aug

Please be advised that a new book “Hollywood Babylon – It's Back” by Darwin Porter and Danforth Price has extensive new and original material on Errol Flynn.   This book has over 20 references to Errol Flynn including a chapter on the short, happy life of Sean Flynn and his tragic fate in Cambodia.

This book and even another by this pair of authors follows in the footsteps of Kenneth Anger who wrote those two landmark “Hollywood Babylon” books in the 1970's.

Some of this material on Flynn is true and some of it is probably false or greatly exagerated but I don't know where exactly.  The book is currently available from…, where you can browse the Flynn passages.

Dark side or not this book does appear to be a fun read.

And by the way whatever happened to those remains discovered in Cambodia that were thought to be what's left of Sean Flynn?  Have they finished DNA testing?  

I suspect those remains where not in the end Sean Flynn.

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Ralph Schiller

— Ralph Schiller

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