Errol Flynn Mailbag!

12 Jul

I got a couple of nice emails from Theresa who says:

Hi. I love your blog & pick up some of your Jamaica-related Flynn
articles for my blog. I received a comment for you & wanted to get
it to you, so I'm trying to join your blog. Here's the comment
anyway, in case you want to post it or reply!
Great articles!!

Hi John. Loved your Port Antonio history. It’s well-written, too.
Your Part III was extremely entertaining!

Was wondering if you witnessed any ’sign’ of any of the numerous
pathways that were made there by Errol. I’m sure a half century later
they have been overgrown, however I’m curious as to whether there are
any remaining ‘clues’.
Did you ever learn what part of the hotel Errol and Beverly stayed in
when they weren’t at the house on Navy Island?

Dennis Mullen
Havana Writers’ Retreat…

I wrote and told Theresa I'd love to put the comment on the blog and a link to her website, as well…

She wrote back:

Thanks David. I love, love, LOVE your blog! My site is….
Here's a link to Part 3 of the Titchfield Hotel post; links to Parts
1 & 2 are in the post. I also used Folly Great House and Navy Island! Keep up the fabulous posts! My love is
Portland and Port Antonio, and I love the charming history, so I was
thrilled to find your site. And thanks for including the link!


— David DeWitt


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