Flynn films on DVD

I thought it would be a good idea to open up a post where we fellow Flynn enthusiasts could help each other with various items; specifically Flynn films on DVD. I have all but three Flynn films on DVD.
I'm searching for Northern Pursuit, Roots of Heaven and Crossed Swords. If anyone has copies of those films on DVD I'd be happy to exchange for copies of any of the films I have. Most of my non-commercial DVDs are fairly good copies with the exception of Virginia City and A Night in Havana (thanks Russ) – which are watchable but I am certainly on the look-out for better copies.

I also have a few of the Flynn documenatries on DVD including the fabulous Channel 4 programme Errol Flynn: For One Night Only (which I think is one of the best things ever done on Flynn) and again, am happy to exchange.
What I would like to get on DVD are some of the Errol Flynn Theatre episodes, I have them on video but to have these on DVD would be much more preferrable.

So, anyone interested in sharing then here is the place to post.

best wishes,


— themainflynnman

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