New interest in 7740 Mulholland Drive!

Is seems that we have renewed interest in an
account of what really happened to Mulholland House – Farm of  7740

It looks like that most likely Robert Matzen and
Mazzone could have all the detailed dates to the complete scenario of
WHAT really
happened to the property after Errol lost the property to Lili Damita;
was apparently in 1953 or very near this time?

To whom did she sell the property?  Most
likely to a developer as the property was
already split into two lots or maybe three in 1958?  Errol’s
property was 10.5 acres. The property
was advertises in the Los Angeles Times in 1958 as a five acre land
parcel and
a 2.5 acre lot including the house and tennis courts.  This
adding up to only 7.5 acres!   The third parcel
must have been 3 acres and
what happened to it and who purchased this one? 

Suzy Hamblin wife of Stuart was looking at the 2.5
property in 1958, which was for sale at $160.000, but Stuart, never
seeing the
property found it to expensive.  A year
or so later in 1959 Suzy found the property still for sale and this time
purchased it, but not 2.5 acres, but 7.5 acres for $180,000, these are
out of the book “Errol Flynn Slept Here” 
The Hamblins lived at Mulholland for 21 years to 1980, after
which Rick
Nelson comes in as the new owner.  In
April 1980, the Nelsons bought Errol Flynn's 1941 Mulholland Drive estate for

Next question – when did the property go on the
market again
and who purchased it? Was it Helen Hunt? It is known that she built a
right on the foundation of Errol’s house. 
Was it Helen Hunt who ordered the demolition of Errol’s house?  It is known that she sold the house to Justin
Timberlake who occupies it to this day.

Is there anybody of our EFBlog authors who can fill
in some
or all of the questions and gaps? 

— Tina

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