Theodre T Flynn (1883 – 1968)

12 Apr

Chris Driscoll writes to me:

Hi David,

I think you will have no trouble with this link below.
The link is a great window into the life of 'The Prof'! Indeed a man of science and his advice and expertise is sought by Academia, politicians and industry.Note also of his exploration to the South Pole on the ship 'Aurora' !
Lot's of 'Time Line' here to keep the 'sleuths 'a sleuthing' as well.
The privations of Hobart as a land in it's natural state in 1909 would have suited a keen scientist's eye. For a young woman with a spirited child, away from her family (in Sydney NSW) and literally at earth's end, it may have proven to be 'too much to bear'!
Best & Kindest, Chris.…

Thanks, Chris! A fascinating and detailed bio of Errol's father, his life and his accomplishments…

— David DeWitt


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