Zaca on Vimeo- thanks, Chris Driscoll!

23 Mar

Our Chum, Chris Driscoll sends us this link to a Vimeo video he says ought to be on the blog! Chris writes…

Hello David, I really think this link needs to be on the blog….it really explains how Errol acquired the vessel and what he must have spent on her to refurbish this vessel. I especially love how his crew speak so fondly of him…how his chef cried when Errol would go away and that Errol would put his arm around him to comfort him..and say “You might see me again”…quite moving !

SCT Ep103 – Luther Greene's In the Wake of the Zaca…

Wonderful History of Zaca

About this video:
“In the Wake of the ZACA captures a lost age of adventure, romance,and Hollywood glamor told through the history of a 75 year-old, 118 foot gaff rigged topsail schooner. Launched in San Francisco on the eve of the great depression, Zaca explored stone-age civilizations in the South Pacific, patrolled the California coast as an armed ship of war during World War II, and served as party boat for sailor and swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn. Left to languish as a striped hulk on a mud flat in the south of France, Zaca rose like the phoenix to sail again.

Visit TheSailingChannel.TV… to purchase the unabridged version of the film as well as a plethora of other high quality sailing videos.”

— David DeWitt

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  1. Anonymous

    March 23, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    Hi Chris and David;
    I purchased the the video link from TheSailingChannel.TV… and it is a wonderful history of the ZACA in particular after Errol's death how she was abused. Errol must have turned in his grave at that time when she was stolen, stripped, abandoned and left mercilessly to decay for 30 long years! A savior did come along in Roberto Memmo in 1990, restoring her to her former glory. In Luther Greene's video “In the Wake of the Zaca” Patrice is the narrator. Pictures of the restored Zaca are to be seen on this website under “Ships & the Sea”! Take a look – how glorious she shines! Enjoy!