Brenda Marshall

12 Mar
Date of Birth

29 September 1915, Island of Negros, Philippines

Date of Death

30 July 1992, Palm Springs, California, USA (throat cancer)

Birth Name

Ardis Ankerson Gaines

Mini Biography

Brenda wanted to be a film actress, all right; it's just that she didn't want to be Brenda Marshall. Throughout her years in Hollywood, she insisted that her friends and co-workers address her not by her studio-fabricated cognomen, but by her given name of Ardis Anderson Gaines. A Warner Bros. contractee of the early 1940s, Anderson/Marshall did her best work opposite Errol Flynn in The Sea Hawk (1940) and Footsteps in the Dark (1941). From 1941 through 1973, Brenda Marshall was married to actor William Holden, a curious union that evidently soured early on (Holden's friends blamed Marshall, and vice versa), and was distinguished by extended separations and numerous extracurricular romances

— Kathleen

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