To David – Re: Can any of us guys here question Errol's taste?!!

In answer to David's comment!  Re: Can Any Of Us Guys Here Question Errol's Taste?!!
Oh yes, David you are right – long legs – curved narrow hips, no more than 7″ between waste line and legs,  long slender upper body with ski slope breasts, small and firm, a superb décolleté leading into a beautiful swan like neck to place his diamond and sapphire necklaces'!
No doubt Errol had taste in choosing his ladies, they where all great looking, but in the selections of his prominent leading ladies he was true to form and consistent to choose always ladies who either had a physical or mentality resemblance to his mother!

What are your opinions?
The similarity in Looks:
image  image  image  image 
The similarity User and Abuser:         To impress mother – the user princess:
image                                               image

Subconsciously he is consistent in his preferences and choices.  The typical action and reactions of abused children who in their submerged mind want and have the utter need to please the abuser by trying to find the need for love and acceptance!  As sad as this psychological factor is, nevertheless it is a fact that Errol suffered all his life from this childhood traumas and many of his unwise actions are the root of this malady! 
As he had no proper childhood at all, therefore the consistent draw towards young people to recapture of their own lost childhood and youth.  I do not know much about Michael Jackson, but I think I am not wrong if I draw a parallel to his childhood, he was an abused child too.  I concentrate on Errol's psychological facts as it is very important to understand the man and all the
idiosyncrasies attached to his so-called enigma.

— Tina

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