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31 Dec

She sails again!  Errol's “SIROCCO” under her original name “Karenita” is for sale!


This beautiful sailing yacht is of impeccable pedigree, and with a fascinating history. A proven race winner, she is perhaps not the ideal cruising yacht, having superb but limited accommodation, but any future owner can rest assured that he has one of the worlds' top classic yachts. Formerly owned by the actor Errol Flynn as 'Sirocco', she hosted many famous names in the heyday of Hollywood, and more recently has been the flagship of the fashion clothing company 'Blanc Bleu'. A regular sight at St Tropez, and other top Mediterranean venues, she is now looking for a new owner that will continue to look after her in a similar manner.

Brokerage Price: 1,550,000 EUR

Any buyers? Here is the link if you wish to make an offer? Give a little giggle! Very nice interior pictures to be seen…

Here is a photo of the Sirocco taken in the late 1970s in the Grenadines.  




A little History:


After being built under the signature of John Alden, American specialist, the 75' classic wooden ketch was launched in 1929 as “Karenita”, sold and became “Aviner” in 1930, “Simoon” in 1933, “Watchette II” in 1934 and named again “Karenita” in 1936.


Errol bought her in 1938 and renamed her Sirocco, after the first Sirocco.  He should have named her Sirocco II, but he did not.  Mariners actually do not believe in renaming boats, they feel it brings bad luck!

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She was restored by Bill Coffman and renamed to her former 1929 name “Karenita”, she was and remains an emblematic sailing boat off the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and she frequently takes part in regattas of ships in her category.

The “Beam Ends” Sirocco or Errol's first “Sirocco” in 1929. 
There are several stories how Errol acquired the Sirocco, one says – his mother purchased her, one says – his father purchased her and Errol says, he won her in a card game!  I like to believe he won her in a card game – it is so much like Errol.
What ever the story of acquisition –  here is a picture of the Sirocco, which he sailed to New Guinea through the Great Barrier Reef in 1930.

Errol Flynn's first “Sirocco” in New Guinea

— Tina


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  1. Anonymous

    December 31, 2009 at 5:57 am

    Great to see her restored. Thanks for posting this.