Errol Flynn centennial ball a success

17 Nov

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Errol Flynn centennial ball a success

Published: Tuesday | November 17, 2009

Gareth Davis Sr, Gleaner Writer

Errol Flynn

The inaugural Errol Flynn centennial ball, which attracted dignitaries, along with business interests from across the island – partying all night to jazz music from Sonny Bradshaw's Big Band – was from all indications, a huge success.

Held last Saturday night at the Ken Wright Pier of the Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio, the event was staged to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the former Hollywood legend, and also to celebrate the 50th year of his passing.

The toast of the night was his widow, Patrice Wymore Flynn, who was presented with a plaque from the Jamaica Tourist Board in honour of her late husband, who was influential in the birth of tourism in Port Antonio, which began with rafting on the Rio Grande.


“I am happy for an occasion like this one,” she said. “A bunch of youths, who are performers, are to benefit from proceeds gained from this ball. They are the Port Antonio Marching Band, which is in dire need of uniform and equipment. We are hoping to make this an annual event, and we are also harbouring thoughts of opening a compound for the performing arts to attract high-school students.”

It was a perfect setting for the first-ever centennial ball in the eastern parish of Portland, as ladies dressed in pirate suits added flavour and colour to the well-decorated and colourfully lit marina, which also displayed dozens of images of the late actor.

The magical setting, which portrayed the ambience of the marina, with water on both sides of the promenade, a white-sand beach with dozens of carefully pruned coconut trees, the lush vegetation of the nearby Navy Island, and well-arranged seating with candle light, captured the hearts of patrons.

The dancing was opened by Mrs Flynn, who danced away with her guest, and if that was not enough, the place was set on fire when President of the Portland Chamber of Commerce, Alec Dehaney, and environmentalist Margaret Gouron, took the floor dancing the tango.

They were later joined on the glass stage by several couples, including Information Minister Daryl Vaz and his wife, Ann-Marie.

Cameo performance

The centennial ball was also set alight during a cameo performance by wife of the late Sonny Bradshaw, Myrna Hague, who thrilled the hearts of the more than 400 patrons. And when she exited the stage, resounding applause could be heard echoing hundreds of metres away.

The event was heavily sponsored and, according to Dehaney, approximately 400 tickets were sold and all proceeds will go directly towards assisting the Port Antonio Marching Band.


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  1. Anonymous

    November 20, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    It sounds like a magical night for everyone! What a good cause, and so much fun for those who attended. I am still holding out that one day I will be able to raft the Rio Grande… meantime, anybody who gets a chance before me – take lots of pictures!