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15 Jun

I was looking for Errol Flynn books yesterday and came across Charles Higham's the Untold Story.  I thought about buying it for target practice (I read someone else did this and received immense satisfaction from blowing holes in it!), but I left it on the shelf.  Alas, this was the only book the shop had regarding EF.

— Kathleen


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  1. Anonymous

    June 15, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Worth reading, if only to see how vile the author is, and where the image of Flynn as bisexual/Nazi-sympathizer comes from. It's always best to arm oneself with the full knowledge of one's passions, so as to be equipped to handle all confrontations. Having said that, good luck trekking through the Higham mire.

  2. Anonymous

    August 20, 2009 at 5:37 am

    Kathleen I agree 1000%!!! I received the book as a present from a friend who knew I am an Errol Flynn fan. I cut out the pictures and placed the book into the garbage, because recycling would have been a too good a treatment for it. Garbage is filth and there where it belongs.
    Charles Higham and David Brett another filth author (Satan's Angel) are Thee most slanderous authors on god's earth. Charles Higham's references for his book do not check out in any way and that is proof that he is slanderous and the same goes for David Brett. How dare are they to produce such falsehood,
    lies and filth long after the person has died, how can they sleep with a clear conscience. What scruples do they have? None. To make money by maligning a dead person proofs that they are of the lowest standard in existence. I think they are only able to look themselves in a mirror, because all they see are their own ugly faces and see their ugly distorted mind. No decent person could ever sink to their levels. Mostly they are green with envy. In their mind, what is better than them has to be destroyed. But tough luck to the two of you, Errol Flynn is towering so far above you two – you could never reach that height.
    Where will you be in 50 years after your death – no place!!! In contrast, Errol Flynn has until this day all his fans and millions all over the world. There are thousands of Errol Flynn sites all over the Internet. His Films and his memorabilia items are still available and purchased in the thousands on the Internet. That makes him still enormously wanted and loved by the public. The 1938 life magazine picturing him on the cover is still available and is still purchased. He was featured on many US and Australian Postage stamps. And I could go on and on, the only bad situation is that our society always breads some “Satan's” too, like these two authors. There books contain exactly what is in their own filthy mind.
    Errol Flynn you were a troubled man and if you would have had a good psychologist in 1942 you will have never ended up like you did. Most important Errol Flynn is that your public will love you until eternity.