How Come I'm Dead by Glen McDonald

08 May

This is a book that contains information on EF's final visit at the Vancouver morgue.  The chapter is entitled Captain Blood's Last Hurrah.  Maybe I am being a bit morbid, but I am reading all that I can find about him.  Can anyone tell me if the accounting of the events by Judge McDonald are accurate? 

 “We didn't find much in the way of personal effects . . .There was a ring.  It was on, I believe, his left hand but it wasn't particularly noticeable . . . it looked pretty cheap to me, in fact, like a trinket from a five-and-dime store. . . .”

Could this have been a keepsake of some sort?

— Kathleen


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  1. Anonymous

    May 10, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    People are interested in what happened to a key that was supposed to be on a chain around Flynn's neck. This key, Errol told people, was to a safety deposit box with a million dollars in it… it disappeared. When the safety deposit box was finally opened – it was empty, or so goes the story. With Flynn, it is pretty tough to know what is fact and what is fiction…
    There was reported to be a photo of Errol dead up in Vancouver at the Policemen's Museum. A morgue photo that was on the wall. I drove past this place several times while in Vancouver over the years – but I would never want to see such a thing!

  2. Anonymous

    May 11, 2009 at 6:13 am

    The key is mentioned in the book. It was NOT on his body when it arrived at the morgue, “or indeed, anything to indicate there ever had been one there.” But there is a quote “. . . Ron Leggo, who had attended a party at George Caldough's . . . home the day before Flynn died . . . 'He was wearing a mauve open-necked shirt and I do seem to remember seeing a chain around his neck.'” The book also mentions their file went missing. “. . including photographs of him lying on a slab, mysteriously disappeared sometime later. Nobody knows who took it or why.”