Portraits of Distinction – Advertisement with Flynn and Lorre!

18 Nov

— David DeWitt

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  1. Anonymous

    November 20, 2008 at 3:42 am

    David, thanks for the wonderful slide show of Flynn and others. They are great! Seeing the Garden of Allah again, well, that truly brings back the glorious past!
    Working across the street (same side but across Crescent Heights) from it made it easy to pop over there any time I wasn't busy at Googie's. James Darren lived there when he first arrived from Philly in 1954. Later, my buddy Denver Pyle managed to buy Flynn's bed (and mattress) from the bungalow in which he stayed in the late 50s. I spent countless afternoons beside the pool, often with Jayne Mansfield and Barbara Payton, occasionally with Errol and on one occasion with EF and Beverly. She was chatty but nice and seemed even a little shy. I never saw her again but know others who did — apparently she lives up in the MOjave Desert area — Lancaster or Palmdale, somewhere. I think Jack Marino met her.
    Hugh O'Brian (TV's Wyatt Earp) was a fixture there in the early years. At night so were the Chaplin brothers and even M. MOnroe hung there a little in the early 50s. There and opposite at Frascati's.
    Well, enuff reminiscing. Good night y'all. And that means you too, “Arno,” wherever you are!
    Sir Ivanhoe