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Hi everyone:

I just left an answer to Shamrock regarding Tyrone Power.  I hope it's received.  It makes me so angry when I read stuff (his article referred to the suggestion that Ty Power was gay or bisexual) that is untrue about famous people after they're dead.

It's so easy to speak ill of the dead.  They're defenseless and not only that but it makes the person talking about them seem as if they were privy to special secrets none of us ordinary folks are.  It elevates them at the dead person's expense.

Having lunched with Power several times at Fox while I was under contract there, had dinner with him while he lived with Linda at Bel Air, and just talked to him on various movie sets — I can assure you that no finer or nicer guy existed.  And this is not just my opinion, it's the opinions of everyone who ever knew him.  Including his ex-wives.

I was close to Lana Turner in the mid fifties and she, as most film buffs know, was madly in love with him for a while.  They dated and saw each other in Mexico, even as he was supposedly dating Judy Garland.  And I mentioned Power to Lana (actually we all called her by her real name, Judy) and even though at the time she'd been bitter about getting dumped by Power, she still never spoke ill of him.  “Gracious” was one of the key words that come to mind when discussing Ty.

So let's all try to stop these rumors about past stars from circulating.  Maybe we can then remember these people, who still give us so much pleasure when watching them on the screen, as they really were – Hollywood version of royalty! 

Best, Steve

— ivan6gold

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