Movie to tell story of Errol Flynn's son…

20 Aug
Fri Aug 15, 1:11 AM ET

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – Sean Flynn, an actor-turned-journalist and the son of Hollywood icon Errol Flynn, will be the subject of a big-screen biopic.
While working as a photojournalist for Time, Flynn disappeared in the Cambodian jungle in 1970 and was never heard from again. Both Flynn and a CBS colleague are believed to have been captured by the Viet Cong or the Khmer Rouge.

Before turning to journalism, Flynn, the only son of Errol Flynn and French actress Lili Damita, worked as an actor for several years. He appeared in a sequel to “Captain Blood,” in which his father starred.

Millennium and Ralph Hemecker's Mythic Pictures are developing “Flynn.” Hemecker, a prolific TV writer who created the TNT movie “Witchblade,” will direct; he is writing the screenplay with Perry Deane Young, who wrote the book on which the movie will be based.

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— David DeWitt


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  1. Anonymous

    October 2, 2008 at 1:19 am

    Hi guys: I never met Sean Flynn, as a boy or an adult. He was living with his mother in Florida, I think, when I stayed at Mulholland House. I do recall the Colonel calling him on two occasions and hearing him start out softly and gently and then gradually losing his temper with Lili who, by his end of the conversation, was giving him a hard time. “I just want to speak to him,” I heard Flynn repeat several times. Eventually he did but the confab didn't last long and when Errol hung up, there was a trace of tears in his eyes. He promptly went to the bar and gulped down some vodka. I asked him if he was okay and he nodded grimly and stormed upstairs. I heard his bedroomdoor slam. I have never told this story before, not even in my Googie memoirs, because it grated on me that Tiger Lil' was such a bitch. Admittedly, the Colonel seemed to rub her the wrong way just by saying hello, and I admit there was a challenging tone in his normally pleasing voice. But Judas, a father ought to be able to speak to his own son — especially when he was paying such wrongfully huge alimony. But one must remember in those days ex-wives, especially mothers, ruled the courts and got pretty much what they wanted from their husbands. Still, years later when I heard Lili had gotten control of MUlholland House I drove up there and parked on the highway looking at the house, thinking that for Errol's sake I'd burn the SOB down and cheat her out of the money it was worth. Never did of course, but to this day I often regret it. Having been married umpteen times, to wonderful women, I think I know all about divorces and ansentee fathers/husbands. Nobody's is right when it boils down to it. And both sides are always right — at least a little bit. But poor Errol, God bless his roving soul, was cursed from the start. His plan was to come to Hollywood and marry a big star and by God, he got his wish. Makes that old saying seem right on the nose: Be careful what you wish for. Good night and God bless, everyone. Steve

  2. Anonymous

    May 10, 2009 at 4:55 am

    My stepfather, a Marine officer who served in Southeast Asia, said the Sean Flynn was a guy the troops didn't mind having with them in the field. When shooting started, and the media people called for evacuation, Sean picked up a rifle and fought alongside the troops. The troops figured he went down fighting when he disappeared.