We welcome New Author Robert Florczak…

26 Apr

We are pleased to welcome new Author Robert Florczak to the Errol Flynn Blog! Robert tells us he has been a serious Flynn fan and collector for 35 years…

┬áRare Flynn with Mr. Zanuck…



— David DeWitt


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  1. Anonymous

    May 30, 2008 at 6:05 am

    Thank you for the welcome, friends.
    I'm very glad to have finally found a blog like this for Errol. I've been a serious fan and collector since that night in November of 1972 when, at the TLA Theater in Philadelphia, I saw “Captain Blood” and “Robin Hood” on the big screen. I was hooked forever.
    By 1981 I was living on Tippi Hedren's wild animal preserve outside Los Angeles, writing and performing music for Hollywood. That opportune position began to open doors to the world of Flynn I might otherwise never have entered. On several promotional tours, I was able to visit his haunts in Australia and England, and in 1983 was given a personal tour of Mulholland Farm while it was owned by Rick Nelson. What a treat to be able to stroll from room to room: entering the foyer and being shown the hollow bamboo pole hidden in the ceiling through which Flynn could see from upstairs who had entered; sitting in the paneled study where he used to sit and write; climbing the outside stairs in the back of the house to the room from which he and guests could secretly peer down into the bedroom below; sitting in the oblong, checker-floored dining room; running my hands in the water of the black-bottomed pool and surreptitiously pocketing a piece of flagstone from the pool's edge which I cherish to this day.
    I later rented a house on John Barrymore's Bella Vista estate–a Flynn fan living in the home of FLYNN'S idol! In fact, on the night of Barrymore's 100th birthday, I lifted a glass of good bourbon to his memory, hoping, in my stupor that he–or Flynn, for that matter–might send some supernatural communique. 'Twas not to be!
    In 1990 I had the great fortune of spending a long evening one-on-one with Charlie Burt, one of Flynn's three shipmates from the infamous Great Barrier Reef journey of 1930 aboard the first Sirocco. The reminiscences, anecdotes, and insights made for a unique experience that I will never forget. My only regret is that I honored the old gent's request not to turn on my tape recorder in deference to his concern that the tapes might undermine the exclusivity of the stories he was hoping to publish. I don't think he ever did publish, and I can't imagine he's still with us, but I now wish I had somehow recorded the evening anyway.
    Over the years, I have continued to collect, search, and learn as much as I could about Errol, along the way discussing him with a variety of folks from Tony Thomas, to Alexis Smith, to George Korngold, to Gina Lollobrigida; and traveling to film locations like Three Arch Bay (the site of the Flynn-Rathbone duel in “Captain Blood”), Laskey Mesa (site of the Chukoti garrison in “Charge Of The Light Brigade, and the final battle in “They Died With Their Boots On), and this summer will be traveling up to Chico, California to visit and photograph locations for the Sherwood Forest of “The Adventures Of Robin Hood”.
    It has been a fascinating journey, these three plus decades, and I continue to enjoy every step. It does amaze me that Flynn still isn't rooted in the general consciousness of the public at large, but perhaps that leaves him a bit more precious for us fans. I notice that one of the fellow members here is Thomas McNulty, and I must commend him on an excellent biography he has written. The best in a long, long while.
    One last anecdote: early on in my career as a recording artist, I received a call from my agent, telling me the good news that my first record had finally made the charts somewhere in the world. When I asked where, he replied, “I know it's not the most significant place, and you may not have even heard of it, but it IS on the charts in Hobart, Tasmania!”. Eerie, but somehow right, I think.
    I look forward to chatting here with you, my fellow fans.
    All the very best,
    Robert Florczak…

  2. Anonymous

    June 4, 2008 at 1:09 am

    We're all pleased to have such a talented enthusiast amongst us. Welcome! I have found Dave keeps the coffee hot and the company is always fine. We may not always say a lot, but when we do I think you'll find us interesting.

  3. Anonymous

    June 6, 2008 at 5:38 am

    Hello, Tom, and once again: kudos on a wonderful biography! Just ran into Rudy Behlmer this weekend and we will be meeting up soon to discuss all things Flynn and old Hollywood. I'll keep you all posted.

  4. Anonymous

    July 16, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    BTW, when I was on a promotional tour in Australia in '81, I was taken to see SCEGS, the school Flynn attended while living in Sydney, and the department store, Dalgety's, where he
    first worked. But the real treat was standing out on Bondi Beach and imagining the young Errol on those very sands half a century earlier. I look forward to going back there soon.

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