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15 Mar

  image  An interview with Jack!

                       Jack Marino, Independant Filmmaker

Jack Marino owner and designer of the Fabulous Flynn website we all know, is an independent filmmaker in Hollywood who announced recently that his indie film FORGOTTEN HEROES is now coming out on DVD.


After 20 years of screening his film around to all the major studios and independent distributors its release on DVD marks a personal victory over the studio system that historically, he says, has portrayed the Vietnam veteran in a tragic light.


Determined to show his characters as heroes in a foreign conflict and not the stereotypical rapists, druggies and baby killers seen in most of the films dealing with the Vietnam War – Jack’s film is Pro American and is “a good old fashioned action film” in the classic mold without harsh language, and one dimensional characters.


In control of his film’s distribution after all these years – Jack Marino is taking his film on the road, and rather enjoying the attention his movie is getting. It is a new world for independent filmmakers like Jack because of the internet.


You can view the film’s trailer on Utube at:…


TV talk shows and radio programs are taking notice of his movie’s release and CBS Studios invited Jack to attend a “Celebrity Show for the Stars” on their backlot recently where Gunsmoke was filmed. The show is upcoming  May 17-18. You can meet Jack along with 100 celebrities who will be attending and even get a chance to purchase a copy of FORGOTTEN HEROES from Jack himself with a personalized autograph on the DVD!


$5.00 of each DVD sale of FORGOTTEN HEROES will go to the VERTERANS DISABLED FOR LIFE MEMORIAL FUND from his appearances and from any purchase made from his websites:……


Jack says he will personally autograph any DVD bought from his websites as well if you just post a note when you make your purchase.


Jack Marino was a personal friend of legendary movie director Vincent Sherman late in Sherman’s life. Of Jack’s work on FORGOTTEN HEROES Vince Sherman said that he felt Jack would have been given a contract to direct films from Jack Warner. “This was the best compliment I have ever received,” Jack said.


Jack Marino is having a hell of a lot of fun and is enjoying every minute of it.

— David DeWitt


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