The Spam Monitor on the Errol Flynn Blog…

26 Sep

Chums! I have now been Spam Monitored at least twice on the blog, so please don't be upset if your comment post gets a spam notification, too! The darn thing is trying to do us a favor – even though it can't tell one of US from a stinking spam bot!

It seems the longer the posted comment is the more likely it will be flagged and then I must go in and approve the comment. In my other life (the one where I was not the Administrator of such things) I tore me eyes out if my comment was monitored in any way. How dare they? Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, after all! But this is just part of keeping out stuff about the joys of penis enlargement and what various ladies do on their webcams that don't concern us Flynn-o-philes!

Believe me, I have spent a good deal of time blocking trackbacks to Viagra sites and much worse… So please, be patient if your comments are moderated. They will get onto the blog as soon as I am notified there might be another posting for some unlikely products or services that are better left to the imagination…

Your Humble Servant, Sir Spammed-a-Lot

Admin/Blog Owner


— David DeWitt


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