Errol Flynn’s Astrological Chart…

27 May

Errol’s Astrological Chart…



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Errol FLYNN,
born June 20, 1909 at 2:25 AM in Hobart, Tasmanie (Australie)
Sun in 27°43 Gemini, AS in 25°57 Aries,
Moon in 18°47 Cancer, MC in 1°17 Aquarius

“I think”
May 21 – June 21
1st Air sign – 1st Mutable sign – Masculine
In analogy with Mercury, his ruler and the 3rd House
Gemini governs the arms, lungs and the thorax.
His colour is green or silver, his stone is the crystal, his day of the week is Wednesday, his professions are journalist, lawyer, presenter, dancer, salesman, travel agent, teacher…
He is expressive, lively, adaptable, quick-witted, humorous, sparkling, playful, sociable, clever, curious, whimsical, independent, polyvalent, brainy, flexible, ingenious, imaginative, charming, fanciful but also capricious, scattered, moody, shallow, inquisitive, opportunistic, unconcerned, selfish, fragile, ironical or changeable.
Some traditional associations with Gemini : Countries : Belgium, Wales, United-States, Lower Egypt, Sardinia, Armenia. Cities : London, Plymouth, Cardiff, Melbourne, San Francisco, Nuremberg, Bruges, Versailles. Animals : Monkey, butterfly, parrot, budgerigar. Food : Dried fruit, chestnuts, ground-level vegetables : peas, broad beans, etc. Herbs and aromatics : Aniseed, marjoram, lemon balm, cumin. Flowers and plants : Lily of the valley, lavender, myrtle, fern, Venus-hair-fern, bittersweet. Trees : Nut trees such as chestnut trees. Stones, Metals and Salts : Agate, mercury, silicas and potashes.
Signs: Cancer


Description: Errol Flynn

Natal Date: Sunday, June 20, 1909

Planetary Positions:

Sun 87.83 23.44
Moon 115.15 24.59
Mercury 80.08 18.82
Venus 103.19 23.96
Mars 347.36 -8.91
Jupiter 160.06 9.67
Saturn 20.72 6.16
Uranus 291.66 -22.43
Neptune 107.38 21.78
Pluto 85.25 16.45
mean Node 74.89 22.72
true Node 75.48 22.78
mean Apoge 181.59 4.77
osc. Apoge 192.75 -0.30
Earth 0.00 0.00
Chiron 327.98 -6.15
Pholus 214.42 13.38
Ceres 298.69 -27.73
Pallas 270.84 24.38
Juno 28.64 8.62


Sun Sign

In Gemini the Sun makes the native sympathetic, kind-hearted, affectionate, fond of home and children and easily influenced by kindness, at times to his detriment. Is sensitive, intuitional, and idealistic. Fond of science and as a rule studious and usually endowed with great imaginative ability. Possesses and active mind and can be relied upon to ac t quickly in an emergency. Is an experimenter and investigator, quick reasoner, generally a good writer; likes to be busy and can engage in two or more occupations at once but must be allowed to work in his own way. Changeful, inquiring, doubtful nature, hard to understand but versatile, alert, dexterous and skillful. Is ambitious, aspiring and loves change and diversity.
Mercury is the planetary ruler of the sign Gemini.

Sun on Cusp of Sign

In Cancer the Sun gives a quiet, reserved, retiring, sensitive disposition yet inclined to publicity. Versatile, changeable; with many up s and downs, changes of occupation and position but desires to stick to his own course. Possesses a fertile imagination and dramatic ability, loves nature, adventure and strange experiences. Is mediumistic, receptive an influenced greatly by surroundings. Industrious, prudent, frugal and very conscientious. Has a retentive memory. Loves approbation, sympathy and kindness; fears ridicule. Fruitful and reproductive. The Moon is the planetary ruler of the sign Cancer.


Longitudinal Aspect Legend

Cutoff for error is 3.00 degrees.

The less the error the more powerful what is written for each aspect. Error of zero being strongest.

Good aspects:
0 degrees (Most Powerful)
120 and 240 degrees (Very Powerful)
30 and 150 (Powerful) equal

Aspects that can be negative or present challenges but can still be good:
180 degrees
90 degrees
45 degrees


MERCURY Square-90 degrees MARS with an error of 2.23 degrees.
Aspect strength = 44.26%

Good intellectual powers; the mind is acute, shrewd, clever and sharp. The disposition I s impulsive, forceful, quick-tempered, sarcastic, argumentative, resentful and impatient; the mind is fired with desires, but has not enough continuity, the aspect being separative rather than unifying.
The subject possesses great mental activity and is therefore liable to brain troubles through over-work, excitement or lack of suitable opportunity for expression of his particular ability, which results in irritability and periods of weariness or exhaustion, and disorganization of the stomach and digestive organs.
Apt to create enmity, opposition and disagreements through sharp, critical statements or impulsive actions. Likely to meet with difficulty through relatives, superiors, servants and neighbors. Losses through theft, risky enterprises, correspondence, contract, litigation, carelessness with facts, hasty conclusions and criticism.
Danger through traveling, tools, machinery, instruments and electrical contrivances; also drugs, operation, wounds from insects, reptiles and small animals.
This aspect indicates difficulties, obstacles and disorganization through things rule by the signs and houses occupied by Mars especially. Trouble through neuralgia, headaches, and accidents. The aspect is a worse form water sign, usually showing tendency to drink and other ruinous habits.

MERCURY Sextile-60 degrees SATURN with an error of .89 degrees.
Aspect strength = 77.65%

Strong ability to concentrate mentally, and a disciplined mind; mind over body; this pairing represents the profession and study of psychology because it is the study of control of the mind; single-minded and obsessed with achieving a goal; when this pairing is quadralized with a Jupiter pairing it can create genius.

MERCURY Semisextile-30 degrees URANUS with an error of 1.78 degrees.
Aspect strength = 55.40%

Public communication; famous reflexes and respiration, natural athletic ability; naturally skilled with computer software; adept at astrology, chess; great depth perception and eye-body coordination; mind with extraordinary spatial relations capacity, very adept at visualization in the mind, great mind for designing, architecture, mechanical engineering, hairdressing, painting, and sculpting.

MERCURY Semisextile-30 degrees NEPTUNE with an error of 2.46 degrees.
Aspect strength = 38.55%

Artistic voice, talented at singing; artistic, creative and productive mind; musical genius; natural acting skills, particularly the ability to deliver lines with skill; poetic speech; ability to write original books, poetry and music with inspiration; dramatic communicator; innovative ideas bordering on, or equal to, genius.

MARS Trine-120 degrees NEPTUNE with an error of .23 degrees.
Aspect strength = 94.29%

Stamina; endurance; long-lasting and tireless energy; creative energy; energy directed to creative ideas, artistry, talent and new theories; sexual stamina and relentless desire; symbolic also of long-term war because Mars rules war and Neptune rules longevity.

SATURN Square-90 degrees URANUS with an error of .89 degrees.
Aspect strength = 77.75%

The tendencies and desires are the same as before mentioned, but the subject has not the capacity and ability to direct the forces to the same successful results and meets with general misfortune through things mentioned and indicated by the houses these planets occupy.
This aspect has an injurious effect on the health at some tie, weakening the parts of the body denoted by the signs occupied, especially by Saturn, producing a heavy, complicated and serious sickness, either long drawn our or else incurable. Liability to accidents by falls, falling object, collisions, acts of nature, riots or uprising and disregard for the rights for feeling of others.
Mentally it gives singular, imaginative, eccentric and peculiar attitudes sudden temper, impulsive, aggressive acts. Radical or destructive tendencies.
In a very weak or adverse chart, may invert the abilities and become thoroughly bad, treacher5ous, violent, or the aspect may manifest indolence, idleness, with an improvident attitude, satisfied only in catering to the tastes and emotions. Disrespect for laws.

PLUTO Trine-120 degrees CHIRON with an error of 2.71 degrees.
Aspect strength = 32.19%

This is a Super Aspect. Interpretations: noteworthy success, a highly profitable career, power from marriage or the family, and a person of power and vision.



MARS Contra-Parallel-180 degrees JUPITER with an error of .82 degrees.
Aspect strength = 79.51%

Indicates excessive or impulsive generosity; careless regarding the accumulation of money and apt to suffer form the dishonesty of others. Difficulty through and with religion, religious or political people. Loss through speculation and games of chance.
Suffers from indiscretion, dishonesty, deceit, treachery, broken contracts, desertion, misrepresentation and quarrels.
Often the subject is directly or indirectly the cause of misfortune through hasty judgement, impulsive action, extravagance, dissipation or through carelessness, overconfidence, miscalculation, anger.
Dangerous or difficult journeys, trouble in t foreign places and through legal affairs.
Feverish complaints, blood and liver disorders; danger and loss through fires and accidents, and if Uranus is adverse, through lightning, electricity, floods or explosions.

SATURN Contra-Parallel-180 degrees CHIRON with an error of .02 degrees.
Aspect strength = 99.47%


URANUS Contra-Parallel-180 degrees NEPTUNE with an error of .65 degrees.
Aspect strength = 83.63%

This is not a very serious aspect; it gives the same quick, keen intuition and faculty for the curious, with attraction for and desire to investigate the mysterious and things occult, but indicates obstacles, difficulties and danger in following extremes in the foregoing. The person is subject to psychic conditions, consciously or unconsciously, therefore, my be influenced by surroundings and environment to his detriment. Many inexpressible moods and emotions will be felt, such as from trance, ecstasy and bliss to vague, semi-hysterical states. Subtle attraction and revulsion. Should exercise great discrimination in choice of friend, confidante or confrere.


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