Songs about Errol Flynn…

07 Mar

It seems that Flynn is remembered in every way imaginable not the least pleasant of ways is through music. A band from the Netherlands called Beequeen features two songs directly related to Errol–in their album “Ownliness” available through Discogs.

1     Clockwise (1:29)
2     My Wicked Wicked Ways (7:04)

3     With Anna You Get Eggroll (7:25)
4     Daad (3:06)
5     Parselmouth (5:41) Flute [Maltreated] – Vivian Breuring
6     There Are Worse Things I Could Do
7     My Heart Belongs To Daddy (3:22)
8     Beam Ends (8:18) Cello – Feiko Halbertsma

9     (The Long And Metaphysical Journey Into) Ownliness (1:13)
     Voice – Elise De Waard

Amanda Mcbroom's album “A Waiting Heart” features her moving song “Errol Flynn” available on her website….

 Sample the song! Errol Flynn…

— David DeWitt


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  1. Anonymous

    September 3, 2008 at 12:46 am

    On Brian Wilson's new album, “That Lucky Old Sun,” he mentions Errol Flynn in the song, “California Role”.