'Errol Flynn always yielded to ladies'

10 Feb

from THE PROVINCE Newspaper – Friday, October 16, 1959By LOUELLA PARSONS, Special to The Province

A world of living was crowded into the 50 years allotted to handsome, tumultuous, devel-may-care, exciting and adventurous Errol Flynn.

The last time I spoke with Errol was when his lawyers and the lawyers of his present wife, Patrice Wymore, were battling for a settlement.

He told me then, “I want a divorce, but she wants a separation and I always yield to the ladies.”

That remark was characteristic of Errol's thinking.

My acquaintance with Errol dates back to the days when he made “Captain Blood” and was the handsomest and most charming actor I think I have ever seen.

He used to come out to Marson's farm, our ranch in the San Fernando valley.

He was as delighted as any happy new father when he telephoned to tell me that Lili Damita, the beautiful French actress who was his first wife, had presented him with a son, Errol Sean Flynn, who is the image of his father and is now seventeen.

What charm Errol had in those days, a charm he never really lost even though he had abused his youth and his health—still, women couldn't resist him.

I know I used to get annoyed with him when he got into the fighting scrapes and court battles, but let me meet him and I was like all the rest, I couldn't help liking him and making excuses for him.

Errol's friendships among men were strong and lasting, no matter what sort of trouble he got into they stood solidly back of him and were as staunch in their devotion as were all the women in his life.

Although the legal battles with his ex-wives about alimony were numerous, all of them admitted loving the handsome, attractive, dashing, swashbuckling Flynn.

Errol was actually a replica of all the characters he played on the screen—Don Juan, Robin Hood and other legendary heroes.

With all of this he did not take his career lightly.

There was a phase in Errol's life when he was married to Nora Eddington, when he fancied himself a country gentleman.

He built a beautiful home on top of Mulholland drive surrounded by acres of land.

I remember going there to a party and what a thoughtful, delightful host he was.

It was all done in good taste and there were no fights nor unseemly conduct.

He showed his real breeding and what he might have been that night.

Errol was well-born.

I had met his father, Prof. Thompson Flynn, who taught at Queen's University in Belfast, and he was a scholarly gentleman who worried over his errant son's escapades.

After 30 odd years in Hollywood, I think I can safely say that there will never be another Errol Flynn, who secretly loved the reputation of “My Wicked, Wicked Life” the title of his book which is coming out and which he sought to shock his readers.

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— David DeWitt


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