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Excusez Mon Français

05 Apr

Le retour du Zaca, le célèbre bateau d’Errol Flynn, à Villefranche……

— Gentleman Tim


His Dream of Happiness

17 Feb

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Sailfishing on the Zaca

10 Feb

“Cruising Down Mexico Way” with Errol Flynn and Howard Hill

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Errol’s Iberian Escape

10 Jan

The Story of Errol’s Majorca

Great Flynnian Info & Imagery in the Documentary Below.



“In the midst of his honeymoon with his wife, Patricia Wymore, the actor and bon vivant Errol Flynn was sailing towards Gibraltar on his yacht, Zaca, when they were caught in a terrible storm. Seeking the shore, their only choice was to moor their boat at Pollença, a harbor on the island of Mallorca. The place, plentiful in boats and with a distant view of the mountains, swept them in bewilderment. After that first sight of the Mediterranean culture, they subsequently sailed to the Bay of Palma. After their honeymoon ended, Flynn promised to return to Mallorca to stay and that is how in 1955 he settled on the island, where he could find the calm and anonymity that he so desired at the time.” [passaportto.iberostar]

Errol and Sean, Mallorca, Summer of ’57…


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Visiting Port Antonio

08 Jan

A new article (1/8/17) describing the history and current attractions of Errol’s old stomping grounds.…

Port Antonio



Frenchman’s Cove


Blue Lagoon


Reach Falls


Boston Beach


Navy Island


Rio Grande


Blue Mountains from Port Antonio

Landscape of the Town and Mountains in Port Antonio.

Landscape of the Town and Mountains in Port Antonio.

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Around the World on Zaca

27 Sep

Chasing the Sun …. for 354 Days and more than 27,000 Miles

Before there was Flynn
There was Crocker
Both sailed the world on The Zaca

Here is a first class magazine article on Zaca’s first class circumnavigation of the world in 1931:

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Ghostship Zaca V

25 Jun


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I think I see Errol’s one true love in the port of Monaco. But I have been much too enthusiastic much too schoon before. See:

Ghostship Zaca II

What is your educated guess?


— shangheinz


Mail Bag! Zaca Models and a bit of History

14 Jun
Robert de Cantelar writes to us:

To whom it may concern…..

The first time I saw her was during summer 1964, in Villefranche, so alone…..already careless !

I’m and I was the first expert and master who has studied and carry out the file for the first restoration of ZACA for a well known French financier, aborted the day of signing the final contract because of an indiscretion of Camper & Nicholson in Cannes.

It was in 1988.

The manager of Villefranche Shipyard was Mr. Lagarrigue and we had a great team together, in vain ….

Part of the funding for the study was provided by a series of 92 half-hull of ZACA carved in the wood of the main boom of the boat we had cut up in the presence of a bailiff.

I carved them. The Nr 0 is home. (Pict)

I also made a model, flush deck, complete with masts to show to our customers the beauty of the restored boat lines. (Some pict)

Masts, booms, pole are made with original ZACA main boom wood, the stand too. Oregon pine.

I still have some plank of this wood that I use with the respect due to a relic ….

I carved too, a half-hull 103 Cm long in Teak, Azobe, Wengé, Bronze and Cuba Mahogany. (Pict)

Because of lack of space I sell my two collections of models and half-hull, so, it is normal that I propose to you in priority those of ZACA.

All these pieces have a story linked to this exceptional boat, even their material, many pictures as she was when near to sink, almost abandoned.

Some more things at home.

Are following some pictures and my address.

Best regards,

R de Cantelar.

Capitaine Marine Marchande.
Ingénieur mécanicien MTU – MAN – Cat.
Expert en moteurs Diesel marins – Survey.
Agent exclusif “Rémora 2000” COMEX
1003 Rte de St Jacques – 06810
Auribeau sur Siagne.

+33 (0)4 93 609 189 et +33 (0)6 03 783 713


IMG_3081 - Version 2



IMG_3084 - Version 2











— David DeWitt


The Governor’s Cup

14 Jun

The Inaugural Race of the world renowned Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race.

Featuring Errol Flynn, Humprey Bogart & Spencer Tracy.…

The Newport Ocean Sailing Association (NOSA) was founded in 1947 to organize a boat race from Newport Beach, California to Ensenada, Mexico. The first 125-nautical mile race took place on April 23, 1948 and was called The Governor’s Cup. The race was renamed the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race and grew to include 20 boat classes. In 1983, the race set the record as the world’s largest international yacht race, with a record 675 boats entering the competition.…




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Baby Zaca

03 Jun

cheerio 2

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here is flynnfinite more info on one of Errol s lesser known yachts. A topic that has been targeted terrificly by Tugboat Tim here:…

Cheerio II, the 46-foot yawl owned by 1992 Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club’s Members of the Year Juanita and Dick McNish has been designated as the State of California’s 66th historic vessel and landmark. The distinction is only bestowed upon those boats that were built before 1940, are of wooden construction and demonstrate significant historical connections with state history.

The functionally elegant classic sailboat was once owned by silver screen idol, swashbuckler and rogue, Errol Flynn. The McNish’s bought the boat in 1980. Patriarch McNish is also affectionately known as the Admiral of the “McNish Navy” due to the family’s commendable devotion to the restoration and maintenance of traditional sailing vessels.

In 1988, Cheerio II was treated to a complete restoration. The effort helped to capture the Corinthian Classic Yacht Race’s “Bristol Boat Award” in 1989. More kudos followed with a “Best Restored Sailboat” honor at the Victoria Wooden Boat Festival in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It should be noted this last award came while Cheerio II was in the midst of a 120-day cruise of Desolation Sound, the San Juan and Gulf Islands. Any old salt knows a boat at sea is anything but bristol.

More than 60 years old, the vessel is a yar example of maritime heritage. Designed by Edson B. Shock, Cheerio II was built in 1931 by Fellows & Stewart in San Pedro, California.

The vessel is renown among the wooden boat crowd and is one of the oldest sailboats in the Channel Islands Harbor. Unlike yachts bought for status, Cheerio II is meant for slicing through the sea with great agility.

For 15 years Dick and Juanita did a crack job of organizing the annual Classic Corinthian Yacht Race, an event that brings together sailors and landlubbers alike from all over the west coast. Through their company, Strathmore Homes, the McNishes donated the Strathmore Cup, a silver bowl given to the winner. For years, McNish has tried to win the cup back. He came close at the 1991 event when Cheerio II was first to finish. However, since McNish had given such generous handicaps, Cheerio II ended up third.

Cheerio’s restoration included replacement of its decks, deck beams, cockpit and transom, replanking the aft one-third and selected forward planking. New water and fuel tanks were installed along with a pressurized water system with “on-demand” hot water in hopes that Juanita, would come aboard more often. New countertops, cabin sole and engine stringers also appeared. McNish dismisses the monetary aspect of the restoration, thinking of the effort in terms of preservation duty.

Sail No:7465
Rig: Yawl
Material: LOA: 46′
Displacement: Builder: Fellows & Stewart

A model of some kind had been auctioned of some time back: Sea for yourselves:…

Furthermore Errol used a vintage style wooden handle flare gun whenever on a voyage with the Cheerio II as remembered by Life Magazine photographer Alan Grant, since he ended up with it as a gift from our Hollywood hero.


— shangheinz