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Silver telephoon fed

06 Oct

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Jack Warner for sure wasn`t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Matter of fact he had to toughen himself up as a street kid. These street smarts helped tremendously later on when he made Warner Bros. Studios a major force in film. Once at top of Tinseltown, he never looked back. His stick was that of a penny pinching, horny- corney jokes telling and lavishly living movie mogul.
He had a silver telephone in his office and a hand written register to go with it. Many flynntimos are on the pages shown.
Both items are on display at the American History Museum in Washington, D.C.

“If these torn pages could talk…!”


— shangheinz


Lock, stock and Errol tunes 300

21 Sep

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I just want to let you know that we are not alone in this Flynniverse.

There are 300 more Flynnthusiasts out there at my FB site LOCK, STOCK & ERROL.

As usual I salute another Double0 with an ultrare video glimpse at Errol in Europe.

Here it is:…


— shangheinz


Lock, stock & Errol tows in 200

19 Jun

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I had the great pleasure of welcoming the 200th Flynnthusiast on my FB homagepage LOCK, STOCK & ERROL this week.

As promised here`s a rarity to celebrate that Errol Flynn will always be in and never out of time.

Witness the perennial Robin Hood high on horse and accompanied by his German shepard dog Coldnose in Courmayeur, Italy of 1953 scouting locations for his missing master shot movie about William Tell:


— shangheinz


In Flynn`s handstand

05 Jun

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

if you want to dispose of 10 grands without having to sell your granny I have a proposition for you.

After auctioning off the golden bad boy of Hollywood`s head (…) INVALUABLE has a new offer in store:

An absolutely one of a kind cinema treasure. Errol Flynn’s handprints, footprints and signature in concrete. Originally in the lobby floor of the Rhodes Theater in Chicago. This is one of 30 movie stars from the original 1937 theater opening and were salvaged prior to theater demolition. In overall fair condition. Has been cracked. One crack affects signature of Flynn. Concrete slab measures 18″x18″x2.5″. Rhodes Theater was located in Chicago at the corner of 79th and Rhodes on the south side. It opened Nov 19th, 1937 and was operated by Warner Bros. It was dubbed the “Theatre of the Stars”. One of it’s draws were 30 sets of hand and foot prints of Hollywood stars in the lobby floor ala Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The theater itself was done in Art Moderne Style. It was a single screen 1432 seat auditorium. It was demolished in the 1980’s. Prior to demolition, the foot and hand print sets were salvaged.

How I´d love to high five Errol through space, time and cement, if I could only foot the bill!


— shangheinz


80th anniversary TAORH

14 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the general release in the USA of the greenest adventure movie ever. Feel free to post away your favourite shot or memory of Robin Hood & his merry men and maids.


— shangheinz


They live

02 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

A healthy group of Tasmanian devils has been discovered in Australia, giving new hope for the survival of the endangered species.

They were found by scientists on a conservation expedition in south-west Tasmania.

The marsupials’ numbers have been slashed because of the spread of an infectious facial cancer.

More than 80% of devils across Tasmania have been lost to the disease, according to local media.

It is passed between them when they fight or mate.

The search expedition was funded by a crowdfunding campaign, and is a collaboration between the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, the University of Sydney Faculty of Science, University of Sydney and Toledo Zoo from Ohio in the US.

Their scientists spent eight days exploring the wilderness across Wreck Bay and Nye Bay, looking for devils to trap so they could run tests.

After taking tissue samples, they will now study the genetics of the healthy devils to compare them to the infected populations.

“The 14 individual devils trapped were in good condition,” said Dr Sam Fox, the team’s leader and the adjunct biologist to Toledo Zoo.

“And more importantly, there were no signs of disease. Overall the results show that the population in this area of the south-west coast is small and healthy.”

Save the Tasmanian Devil Program manager Dr David Pemberton told Australia’s ABC news network that the find was “very significant”.

“Finding devils with fresh genetic diversity gives us opportunities,” he said.

The Tasmanian Devil is the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial, native only to the island state of Tasmania, 240km (150 miles) south of the mainland. The growl-like scream made by the animals helped them
earn them their devil nickname and subsequently Errol his mockname.

Since hope is eternal like spring, somewhere the declared extinct Tasmanian Tiger may lie waiting to be discovered.


— shangheinz


Signature of the times

07 Apr

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

we often wondered aloud on the blog, which of the many signed cheques, autographs and contracts bore the real signature of Errol.

If we assume that at different times his business procurator Al Blum, third wife Pat Wymore and young assistent Ronnie Shedlo took over the duties of signing off for Flynn, there are plenty of documents for sale that make you question its origin.

Furthermore it is safe to say that everybody’s handwriting varies under the influence over the years.

Now this is meant to be a forum to compare memorabilia with our Hollywood hero’s lettering and to assign a certificate of Flynnticity.

Back to you.


— shangheinz


Happy Easterrol!

01 Apr

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I raise my grail and wish you and your loved ones a Happy Easter holiday with a sip of rhum, which must have been conceived by a thirsty Flynnthusiast somewhere in Holland.

The label is named after Errol’s original hideaway in Jamaica and even depicts his beloved Zaca. Its scent and taste is ripe with plumes, almonds and coffee beans. You can mix it with Coke, inject it in oranges and it’s said to cure everything from scurvy to a clear head.

Cheers mates,

— shangheinz


Niven talks Flynn (fluently)

28 Mar

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Niv the Shiv remembers fighting Flynn fondly.


— shangheinz


Stuntmen, stand-ins and stooges VI

22 Mar

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Semi Pro Baseball player Fred “Slugger” Graham was as fierce as they come when it came to fisticuffs on film.

But he will foremost be remembered for taking the fall for Basil Rathbone in “The Adventures of Robin Hood”.

First at the spiral staircase swordfight he broke his ankle and then the death plunge of Sir Gizmo (short for Guy of Gisborne) landed him in the hospital for good.

Yet he went on to cross knuckles with the likes of Roy Rodgers, Rex Allan and Jock Mahony (…)

His give and take on screen brawling sounded like this:

“Fights came easy to me. My ideas to make fights look good on screen were to stay loose and relaxed, a little distance from your opponent, and throw punches. Never throw a punch at chin level because a good take makes it look like a miss. Throw (the punch) at the opponent’s eye level because a good take makes it appear like its right on the chin.

When he met John Wayne at Republic Pictures, he`d see his prolific puglistic career prolongued as the number one go to fall guy for the Duke.

Had Cabot, another later year regular at Wayne westerns doublecrossed him like Flynn, he would have ended up caputt.


— shangheinz