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Steve McFlynn

19 Feb

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I couldn´t help but notice the many parallels between “The King of Cool” and “The Baron of Mull”, while reading the intimate, in-debt biography “Mein McQueen” (“My McQueeen”) written by German journalist Christian Krug. He managed to interview Steve`s last wife, Barbara and came up with some rare footage and little known facts about the superstar actor, who once boldly stated “I live for myself and answer to nobody”. Sounds very much like our Hollywood hero´s “I do as I please.”, doesn`t it?
Now with Errol`s longtime business partner Barry Mahon being an adviser on the set of “The Great Escape”, there is a certain possibility that he and Steve swapped stories about the swashbuckler of old. You see, Mahon was a flying ace from WWII and what yachts did for Flynn, aircrafts did for McQueen. Always on the move, flying his plane from his hangar home to his prefered airport at Indian Dunes just for a cup of coffee, he stated: “When I did “The Great Escape”, I kept thinking, if they did a movie about my life, that`s what they`d call it- the great escape!”
McQueen like Flynn asked for $50.000 for even looking at a film script. Definitely a trend Errol started. Steve McQueen put it that way: “Stardom equals financial success and financial success equals security- I`ve spent too much of my life feeling insecure”. What was meant as a move to scare off imposters worked better for Steve than for Errol. Remember, when phoney producer Fossataro`s cheque bounced, “The Story of William Tell”, which was projected as his career resurrection film, became the botched apple shot of Errol Flynn.
Both movie greats died prematurely at the age of 50. They leave behind a legency for the movies they did, as well as they didn`t get or simply refused to do. Steve for example renounced a role in Ocean`s Eleven (where Mrs. Pat Wymore- Flynn was in!) and George Peppard`s part in “Breakfast at Tiffany`s (regretting only that he didn`t get to bed Audrey Hepburn). He spared himself a heart attack in “Apocalypse Now” (he had taken a year off from filming after the similar straining shooting of “The Sand Pebbles”), could have starred instead of Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry (opting for Sam Packinpah`s “The Hunter”) and upon insistence from Paul Newman got replaced with Robert Redford in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, apparently because the Western town wasn`t big enough for the both of blue eyes.
Let me finish this with a quote from McQueen that sounds like vintage Flynn: “I`m not sure that acting is something for a grown man to be doing”.

— shangheinz


Swashbucklin` like Flynn

14 Feb

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

we were fencing back and forth about the paramountal prowess of our Hollywood hero lately.
There were many contenders for the throne of swashbuckler debonair and some very good cloak and dagger films made without Errol. Yet one can envision him guiding in spirit the blades and tongues of the cavaliers that came after him. Flynniards, I summon you to post your favourite films, where Flynn wasn´t in, down below and am looking forward regally to your rapier recommandations.

En garde,

— shangheinz


In should`ve been Flynn 12

08 Feb

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

now this may seem like stating the obvious. Movie history hush hush has it that Errol turned down the leopard hatband of Allan Quatermain in “King Solomon`s Mines” for Muhbub Ali`s turban in Kipling`s “Kim”. Always the traveller he opted to rub noses with the Maharajahs in India instead of striking poses with the Masai in Kenia. But there’s another side south of this story.

Now director Compton Bennett had wanted Flynn in the main role right from the start. They had done “That Forsyte Woman” together and had gotten along just dandy. But producer Sam Zimbalist overruled Bennett and pitched Britimport Stewart Granger, who had just signed a seven film contract with MGM. Granger got meager $25.000 for his first appearance, but was eager to prove his stock value. He had divorced his first wife Elspeth March, an old EF acquaintance (…) only recently and had to make good and money on his highly hyped star potential.

Even though suffering from draining dysentery, the “new Errol Flynn” went big game hunting shooting amongst others two rhinos.
Co Star Deborah Kerr tended to him once he took one in the ribs, when pumping lead into a charging buffalo didn’t show an immediate effect on the raging animal.

The MGM film was every bit the success that Kim wasn’t and provided the gritty Brit with another Flynntasy film role: Scaramouche!

Here is the originale “Mines”- movie with Flynn buddy John Loder aka Mr. Hedy Lamarr.


— shangheinz


Lock, stock and Errol

05 Feb

Errol Flynn as William Tell

Dear fellow Flynn followers, I proudly present to you an ultra rare film clip of Hollywood hero Errol Flynn in his unfinished and long lost movie "The Story of William Tell". Enjoy!

Posted by Lock, stock and Errol on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I want to invite you to join me at my currently created FB site LOCK, STOCK and ERROL.
It shows something aulde, something new and “everything you forever wanted to know about Hollywood`s golden bad boy”.
Basically it is my Flynn home away from home- the blog.

G` Sunday mates,

— shangheinz


Arrow Flynn

03 Feb


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Stan Lee`s adoration of our Hollywood hero has been more than once the topic here on the blog. See:…

But also Marvel rival DC Comics came up with a character resembling Errol and upped the ante with incorporating some fine Flynn storyline into the birth of superhero The Green Arrow.

Billionaire businessman Oliver “Ollie” Reed fights crime in the streets of his hometown Star City. Dressed like Sir Locksley, he is a marksman with bow and an array of arrows.

Now here Errol Flynn kicks in. The bow is regaled to Reed by none other than Howard Hill, who says it`s the original one he used for the film “The Adventures of Robin Hood”.

When illustrator Neal Adams did a makeover of Green Arrow in the Sixties, the archer looked more errolesque than ever.


A sure hit- can`t miss concept if you ask me.


— shangheinz


Happy Chinese New Year

28 Jan


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

according to the Chinese calender today marks the beginning of the Year of the Rooster.

The 12 animals (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, pig & dog) which payed Buddah a visit got promoted to zodiac status.

Every 12 years each is vying for a place in the sun, rather the moon, since the new year in China starts at the first new moon of january,

In addition each is attributed with one of the five chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal & water.

This should make for special traits and talents, as well as your life`s aspirations.

Errol was an earthly rooster, some would say a street smart cock, and I am proud to share the same exact zodiac with him.

If you wanna know your zodiac, simply post your birthday in the comment section down below and I will gladly let you know.


— shangheinz


The Barons of the Bodeguita

26 Jan


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I got a message from the son of flynntimo friend Baron Sepy Dobronyi (see:…), which I want to share with you:

Hi Heinz
I was recently in Cuba and saw this picture hanging on the wall in La Bodega del Medio. I thought you might enjoy.
I went through the EF site today and was interested to see the photos of my father’s old house under renovation. Very interesting!

Notice the two ladies` men literally drumming up the locale, where Pulitzer Laureate Ernest Hemingway used to sip his Mojitos. What happened later that night can be read here:…

Hasta la Bodeguita siempre,

— shangheinz


The Sea Fox

19 Jan

sea fox

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I came across a funny Aussie anecdote loosely attached to our Hollywood hero.

In July of 1959 a seasoned schooner by the name of “Sea Fox” got lost in the Timor Sea. She had sailed from Darwin and was reported missing a few days later. On board were magician John Calvert, female singer Pilita and monkey Jimmy of Tarzan film fame.
When brought in by the Australian Navy she at least had not sunk, but bunked at a sand bank. Soon rumours made the rounds that Errol Flynn had stranded his yacht.

The combination of a charismatic moustacheod yachtsman accompanied by an exotic woman plus a monkey actor in tow seemingly always equalled Fynn in Down Under. Hear more here:…

— shangheinz


Leader of the Pack

12 Jan


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

take heart and treat yourself to a Packard! One of those originals Errol used to drive is to be auctioned off:…

The Packard “Darrin” was a remarkable blending of all the glory that was Packard in the Classic Era with all the impudence that was the stock in trade of Howard “Dutch” Darrin. The result was glamour with lots of pizzazz—a perfect fit in the luxury maker’s lineup for an exclusive, halo automobile.

Without Darrin’s insistence, the car likely would never have been built. Following his days in Paris, the inimitable Darrin settled in Hollywood, where he immediately established himself as the purveyor of custom coachwork to the stars. The polo-playing Darrin was quickly accepted by the Hollywood crowd; his well-cultivated French accent fit in perfectly. He named his shop “Darrin of Paris,” and his first client was Dick Powell, for whom he fashioned a two-passenger Ford roadster in 1937. Shortly thereafter, he built a two-seat convertible victoria roadster on a 1937 Packard One Twenty chassis for actor Chester Morris. It led to the idea of building a five-passenger version and selling Packard on the idea of including it as part of its lineup. The initial word from Detroit was no, but that didn’t stop him.

Darrin began with a standard Packard Eight Business Coupe, little of which remained when the transformation was completed. Most memorable were the sweeping cut-down curves of the doors, the car’s signature styling feature commonly referred to as the “Darrin Dip.” The rakish body looked downright racy when compared to competitor Lincoln’s Zephyr Continental, yet the car remained unquestionably and distinctly, a Packard.

Darrin arranged to have the car parked outside the Packard Proving Grounds at the time of the annual dealer’s meeting, precisely where the dealers could not help but see it. That, as they say, was that! Under pressure from its dealers, Packard included the “Darrin” as part of its catalogue for 1940 with three models: Sport Sedan, Convertible Sedan, and Convertible Victoria. It is estimated that 100 were built through 1942 when production was halted prior to World War II. “Darrins” were real celebrity cars—Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn, Al Jolson, Ruby Keeler, Preston Foster, and Gene Krupa all had one

I wonder if it comes complete with folding down front seats.


— shangheinz


A moust have

06 Jan


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

let`s just post here pics of Errolesque actors that wore the must have moustache at least for a while, trial & error.


— shangheinz