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The Hearst heist

17 Jun

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

we were searching high and low, down and out all over the Lady from Shanghai for a fleeting Flynn:…
Can it be we were denied another escapist Errol at William Randolph Hearst`s Circus Birthday Party?
The obscured fella in the back passing by the massive mogul`s table with Gable has an utmost resemblance with the fabulous Gentleman Jim.
Your educted guesses are very welcome.

The game is aflynn,

— shangheinz


Mrs. William Tell is 90 and well

09 Jun

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Austrian actress, Mrs. Waltraut Haas, Errol’s co- star of his unfinished appleshot “The Story of William Tell” turns 90 today.

She remembers Flynn fondly as charming not flirty, knowing his lines on cue and feasting on sardines, Rum and Coca Cola during their short cut stint in Courmayeur Italy:…

She still is keeping busy appearing on stage at least once a year at the local Wachau summer theatre festival.

Starring opposite our Hollywood hero seems the equivalent of falling into a fountain of youth for his long-living leading ladies.

Some sort of caressing keelhauling if you will.

G’day and happy b’day,

— shangheinz


no moore no more

23 May

More morbid news. There’s no Moore, no more. Godspeed Roger.……

much moore from before from shangheinz, no less:

Much Moore about Flynn- episode 1

— Gentleman Tim


Eurobin Hood

15 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

a new Robin Hood- Origins movie arrows our way!

Welshman Taron Egerton (“Kingsman: The Secret Service”) dons slacks instead of tights, Jamie Foxx is Little John and Jamie Dornan alias Will Scarlett will paint the sheriffs mean men in 50 shades of black and blue. Otto Bathurst of “Peaky Blinders” fame is the director. Here are some first impressions from location at the Croation World Heritage City of Dubrovnik.


— shangheinz


Ex Errol Flynn makes for a mean king

12 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I highly recommend you go and see “King Arthur”, a blockbuckler of epic porportions from Brit director Guy Ritchie.

If you filter the Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones- overtones, out comes a film Errol would have very much liked to make and could have thrived in. The acid tongue in cheek remarks make newcomer Charlie Hunnum talk treason constantly.

But the main Flynn film reference comes from the movie’s meanie Jude Law, who is no stranger to controversy himself, when a few years ago he put his kids’ nanny to bed.

A leading man in his own right, he gives a posh performance as the evil brother of Arthur’s father, starring Eric Bana, usurping the Auld King.

From Flynn to king that’s the law according to Jude.…


— shangheinz


Woodsie Morningstar

09 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

as of today the Blue Ray- edition of “Marjorie Morningstar” can be purchased. The ultra sharp resolution should enable us to spot Errol`s last love Beverly Aadland very quickly. And for those who are not so into little wood nymphs, there`s the enchanting beauty of Natalie Wood, the ethereal dancing of Gene Kelly and the eternal music of Max Steiner.


— shangheinz


Stumblin` like Flynn

01 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here`s Super Flynn fan Stan Lee ushering us through a moment he fellt like Errol. At least for a mishap minute.


— shangheinz


Ace and a mole

24 Apr

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here is an aerial overview of the life of Jackson Barrett Mahon, the personal pilot and movie manager of Errol in later years.
Barely twenty years old Barry joined the Royal Air Force in Great Britain as a volunteer before the United States had even entered WWII. He was assigned to the 121 “Eagle” Squadron and flew 98 successful missions downing at least 9 enemy airplanes in the process, before his Spitfire was shot down in the disastrous Dieppe commando raid called “Operation Jublilee”. He vividly remembered the fatal-ful day that cost him his plane, but not his life.

“I lay on my back in the dinghy and watched the tremendous air battle, probably the greatest air show the world had yet seen. There must have been 80 or 90 German planes and an equal number of British aircraft in a five-miles square cube of the sky. The sights that morning and part of the afternoon were unbelievable. There would be a Spit chased by a German being chased by a Spit being chased by a German and the first three would blow up, leaving the remaining one victorious until he turned into the guns of another opponent. As a mater of fact, after the adrenalin level of my blood went down, I found the spectacle fascinating- a giant Forth of July display, only much more omnious. The spent bullets were falling like hailstones, so hot they made sizzling noises as they struck the water.”

The flying ace became a POW in the Stalag Luft III camp situated in Sagan (today Poland) 150 miles from of Berlin, a prison facility riserved for all captured air personal. At barbwire gates he was Gestapo greeted with the proverbial “For you the war is over!”, which instantly instilled the wish to get out to get back in.

After a successful break away attempt he was caught again at the border of Czechoslovakia with worn out shoes but a will intact. That Wanderlust got him an extended stint at the “Cooler”, the so called cell for solitary confinement. So when those in the Steve McQueen movie immortalized 76 allied prisoners staged “The great escape” through the literally dug-with-a-tea spoon- tunnel, trapped mole Mahon could only wish them luck. But once again his “mean” demeanor had saved his life. 50 of the fugitives were executed when caught via direct orders of Hitler to set an example. The deplorable act was in total violation of the international treaty how to treat prisoners of war. Only three men reached British soil, while Barry J. Mahon was liberated by General Patton’s army tanks.

Never the shy guy he called up our Hollywood hero after a stay in Egypt at the court of the last pharaoe King Farouk. Coincidentially Flynn had picked up the phone himself and invited him over to Mulholland Farm for a drink and another. Mahon proposed to film “The Story of Farouk” in Europe and introduced Errol to the new regulation stating that if you spent 19 months abroad you needn`t pay taxes in the US. The legal tax evasion scheme originally meant for oversee oil companies naturally was very much to Errol Flynn`s liking. It landed Barry the job of business manager on the spot and would prove costly in later years, since his former handlers sued Errol for unpaid provisional fees.

Meanwhile however the dive bomber duo released their first European oeuvre “Crossed swords”, a spoof of “The adventures of Don Juan” starring the almost Ben Hur Cesare Danova and new diva Gina Lollobrigida. They already met their match in their second outing on the movie market. What was meant to show Jack Warner how to make movies thenadays turned into a financial fiasco due to shady Italian producers.


— shangheinz


In should`ve been Flynn 13

24 Mar

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

welcome to a new installement of a Flynn film Errol wasn`t in.

The year of 1959 marked the death of Our Man Flynn, which brought the cloak and dagger genre to a full stop. Just when the Old Swashbuckler hung up his boots, the Caucasian Chin, Kirk Douglas, put on his sandals to plough the field of sword and sand movie extravaganzas. Just like Charlton Heston had done successfully in “Ben Hur” prior that year. Not only did Douglas secure the services of one blacklisted author John Trumbo for “Spartacus”, but also of a young director named Stanley Kubrick, whom he had met while filming “Paths of Glory”.

Originally Kube had planned to do “Lolita”, a film version of the Nabokov novel, deemed untransmittable to the screen due to its paedophilic context. Nevertheless the Bronx born filmmaker was dead set to achieve the impossible. While Hollywood Studios readily declined the offer to finance the precocious project, the film was made three years later in England instead.

Errol Flynn had been approached to play Professor Humbert Humbert and enthusiatically accepted the offer under the condition he was to play opposite of his own nymphette, Beverly Aadland. But the package deal fell flat, mainly because Errol`s last love at 16 (!) already was too old to depict a 12-14 year old teenager. Had it gone through, Flynn would have been reunited with another real life love of old of his, since Shelley Winters had been cast for the female lead.
Other leading actors considered for the main role were Laurence Olivier, David Niven and Peter Ustinov. Ultimately it was James Mason`s turn to portrait Prof. Lovesicko.

Vladimir Nabokov did write a script for the screen adaptation of his lust story and came up with a 700 page treatment. We can take a peeping tom`s look here:… and it also sells here:…

Before Sue Lyon got to wear those heart shaped sunglasses and sucking lollipops, Jill Hayworth, Joey Heatherton, Tuesday Weld and Hayley Mills were considered for the part of little Lolita. The director later said that French teenie star Catherine “Zazie” Demongeot would have been a good choice also.
Tamar Hodel, the daughter of the number one suspect in the Black Dahlia murder, claimed in a Vanity fair article, that singer Michelle Phillips from “The Mamas and the Papas” originally procured young Lyon with the novel and gave her a rubdown what it was all about:…
Sue, who attended the premiere in New York City at age 15, would have been still to young to buy a ticket for the movie legally:…

Peter Sellars came up with a stellar performance as Clare Quilty. He remembered his Golden Globe awarded role fondly:
“Quilty was a fantastic nightmarish character, part homosexual, part drug addict, part sadist, part masochist, part anything twisted and unhealthy you can think of. He had to be horrifying and at the same time funny. I had never met anyone at all like this so I just had to guess, to construct an imaginative idea for myself of what such a person must be like. When I saw myself on the screen, I thought ‘This time you’ve done it – no one will ever believe this.’ But then in the U.S. I actually ran into a couple of people who might almost have been role models for the character and I began to think, ‘Oh, well, perhaps you weren’t so far out after all.” It is commonly seen as blueprint for his next character in the Kubrick film “Dr. Strangelove.”

Somehow this unmakeable movie material sparked the careers of all involved. One can only wonder if our Hollywood hero had walked away from an Academy Award in order to do “Cuban Rebel Girls”.


— shangheinz


EF TV- Playhouse 90

22 Mar

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here`s a little appeTVizer of Errol`s 1957 television outing “Without incident”, a back to the boots western starring Ann Sheridan, John Ireland and Julie London.

Ann steals the scene chanting the English folksong “Greensleeves”, baiting the about- to- attack- Apaches.


— shangheinz