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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn and Olas Atlas!

01 Feb

Author Sue Carnes writes to us:

I am right about now writing the part of my new book about the Belmar Hotel that includes stories about Errol Flynn. He was one of the many exciting individuals who spent time on the Bay of High Waves (Olas Altas) in Mazatlan. His special interest was the Belmar where he kept a room, but also a certain establishment called the Stratosphere on Ice Box Hill. That is the hill in the old photograph, and the Belmar is right in the middle of the Bay of High Waves pictured there a little to the right between the trees. Errol’s yacht the Sirocco was often anchored right out front as he made his way to Mazatlan or further South to Acapulco. Errol’s room was No. 35 which could never be rented later. No one could stay there. The room was remodeled and renumbered. Any insight to any of this would be greatly appreciated.


Sue Carnes


Thanks, Sue!

Author Sue Carnes

— David DeWitt


An Errol Flynn Dilemma?

28 Oct

I am submitting a couple of pictures of Flynn I have had in my collection for many years.

They both appear to be from the same event since they are noted with the WB numbering I system (GEN PUB8546).  But, there seems to be some confusion about my listing  for time and place. So I am asking for help in confirming just where and when they were taken.



I have this shot of Errol with Faye Emerson, in front of the My Gallery at 850l0 Wishire, during May 25th to 27th, 1945 at the Eleanor Powell pre-auction, open-exhibition. A similar photo also appeared in the August, ’45 issue of Movie Stars Parade magazine. By the way that is Michael Curtiz back to camera looking at another artwork.

This shot is of Flynn and Curtiz inside the building, chatting. There are also a few more of these two together, all WB numbered. My confusion is that I also have some old hand notes that this is an exhibition at the Decker and Flynn Gallery sometime in May or June, ’45, but I have no back-up. Since I can not locate any old photos of the front of either of the two galleries, I am not sure which description is correct … or if they are both wrong.  So … I appreciate any feedback that will straighten out my dilemma.

— David DeWitt


Your Vote is Requested!

12 Sep

At the IMDb Poll below:……



— Gentleman Tim


Mailbag, from Jack Marino!

12 Sep

Jack Marino sent out this note and asks to include it on the EFB, too. He says:

I am looking for a pristine photo like the Bert Six quality if possible of a shot of the Sirocco when Errol Flynn owned her. I want to blow it up and put it in a frame of 29 x 22. I’d like to get the Sirocco in the middle of the frame.  If there is a color, B&W or sepia image that all works for me. 

If Bill or Tom that have published books that may have a photo like this or similar please contact me.  

Dave DeWitt if anyone on the ERROL FLYNN BLOG collects Flynn photos could you asked if they may have what I am looking for?  

Hope all is well with you all, and thanks for the help, gang!



It would have to be a photo large enough to blow up to the size he is seeking, and still be clear and not fuzzy. Thanks for any ideas, or help, mates …

— David DeWitt