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$500 Reward Quiz

10 Mar

What does a $500 reward have to do with Errol Flynn?

— Gentleman Tim


Magical Mystery Quiz

25 Feb

One of The Beatles once dressed a la Errol in one of his swashbuckler films. Which Beatle was it, what was the occasion, and why is today an appropriate day for this quiz?

— Gentleman Tim


Not Errol!?

23 Feb

In 1945, one of Errol’s favorite leading ladies confided in Dolores Moran that the greatest lovemaker she ever had was not Errol Flynn, but, rather, another Hollywood celebrity.

Who was the leading lady?

Who was the purported superior lovemaker?

What were the circumstances of that hard-to-believe revelation?

Clues to Use

It was whispered into Miss Moran’s ear in the leading lady’s studio dressing room (dressing room no. 7) during the filming of a Warner Brothers movie.

There’s a good chance Raoul Walsh was there also, and almost certainly he knew what was whispered, though unlikely he actually heard it.

Errol traveled many thousands of miles with this alleged lovemaking competitor, prior to and subsequent to this dubious disclosure.


— Gentleman Tim


Gone Fishin’, But Where? ~ ~ A Fishy Quiz

15 Feb

— Gentleman Tim


Qu’y avait-il au menu ici?

19 Jan

— Gentleman Tim


Mysterie Hippie Ship Quiz

14 Jan

Errol Skipped on Skippering this Mysterie Ship Which Thirty Years Later Sailed into Trippie Hippie History.

Who was She?

Here are a few chronological visual clues involving it’s pre-Flynn and post-Flynn news, cruise and crews:

— Gentleman Tim


In The Irishman

29 Nov

In the new movie,The Irishman, Robert DeNiro uses Errol’s name in connection to one of the following Joes. Which Joe is it? Gallo, Kennedy, Columbo, DIMaggio, Namath, or Stalin? What did DeNiro say about this Joe?

— Gentleman Tim


Heard Every Halloween ~~~ Plus Often In Between

01 Nov

What singing-songwriting cowboy?

Began his Hollywood acting career in an Errol Flynn film.

Once played Custer in a movie.

Played the villain in a super dooper Gary Cooper movie.

Performed something for Raoul Walsh still remembered very well in Hollywood.

Acted with Clint Eastwood, on TV and the big screen.

Had a principal role in a great Gene Hackman film.

Made a movie with John Wayne, also.

Was sometimes seen on Hee Haw.

Heard in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, too.

Wrote a monstrously big song heard every Halloween.

Had a long time connection to Roger Miller.

For those who may want to scream after hearing that, here’s this three-second work of art:

— Gentleman Tim


Who Tops Errol?

22 Jun

Born in Tasmania 110 years ago, Errol Flynn is still phenomenally famous and popular around the globe. Indeed, he may be the most internationally famous and popular Australian of all time.

If not, who tops him?

— Gentleman Tim


‘Stage Door Jimmy’

16 Jun

A Jimmy Starr Quiz

According to Hollywood writer Jimmy Starr – aka ‘Stage Door Jimmy’ – he personally witnessed that Errol particularly liked which category of women:

. Heiresses

. Actresses

. Waitresses

. Singers

. Orientals

. Tennis players

. Burlesque dancers

— Gentleman Tim