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Companion Piece

16 Mar


Adjunct to the “(Cooking) Out Like Flynn” post put up earlier today, I offer the following quiz:

With what poet did Errol once share a steak and very-specially-boiled potato on the beach?

Clue Numero Uno: A renowned travel and culinary writer raved about the potato.

Clue Numero Dos: It happened in F.L.A.

Clue Numero Tres: At least two of the three steak and potato eaters mentioned were authorities on cocktails.

— Gentleman Tim


Speaking of Burma …

08 Mar

Errol starred in a movie which included an actor in key role who in real life served in America’s Burma campaigns. This actor even had a hand in bombing the equivalent of the fictional but fact-based “Bridge Over the River Kwai”?

Here’s some Jeopardy-like music for you to listen to while you contemplate who this actor was:

— Gentleman Tim


A Big Easy Quiz

03 Mar

Well, maybe not so easy …

Thanks to top Flynnside source(s).

How do the below images relate to Errol? What, where, why, and with whom????

— Gentleman Tim


Top Secret

19 Feb

How is Errol connected to this military man’s career?

— Gentleman Tim


Flynnian actor?

15 Feb

As we are still sitting on the fence, as it were, I thought I would pose this question? Who is this sword-handy Flynnian-looking actor, and what was his real Christian name? (Clue: He appeared in a film that included a memorable fencing scene.)


— PW


What British Dance Band?

14 Feb

What Famous British Dance Band was featured in a movie with Errol?

— Gentleman Tim



05 Feb

Did Errol ever get credited with being in a movie involving (American) Football?

— Gentleman Tim


The real inspiration for Bond?

05 Feb

As we have been Bonding – as it were – I thought I would pose a quiz question.

Although Errol embodied Bond is so many ways, Fleming, sadly, did not seem to make that connection. This was probably because he was too myopic and snobbish. In fact, he was a social mountaineer; the Edmund Hillary of social climbers.

So my question is, what is the name of the man Fleming most admired and wanted to be (and that includes physically)?

In public, Fleming often gave contradictory answers when asked upon whom he had modelled James Bond. In private, however, he frequently named my ‘mystery man’  (pictured below). I know this is true because Fleming used to stay with my father in Wiltshire, and the ‘mystery man’s’ late wife was my Godmother.

Coincidentally, he bore a striking resemblance to Errol, and the two actually met at a dinner party in Italy.

Mystery Man



Clue 1: My ‘mystery man’ wasn’t a member of the Intelligence Services, a Government official, a writer, an ornithologist, an actor or any of the people usually mentioned. Fleming first met him in 1951 and later attended his wedding (below). (Interestingly, his wife, according to one of Fleming’s letters, was ‘my ideal of what a girl should look like, and how she should act’, which qualifies her for the distaff side of all the Bond novels published after 1955.)

Clue 2: In ‘From Russia With Love’, Fleming pays tribute to my ‘mystery man’ and his wife. When Bond and Tatiana have to flee from SMERSH, they are given false names. The names Fleming chose were their names.

Clue 3: A well-known sport was named after the ‘mystery man’s’ house.

Clue 4: The man is still living and has been called ‘the handsomest …. in England.’

So, what is his name?

My ‘mystery man’ outside his family house, and at the horse trials


— PW


In Tasmania Like Flynn

31 Jan

What rock star moved to Tasmania because he’s a big fan of Errol’s?

— Gentleman Tim


What’s the Club?

16 Jan

The three men depicted below were all early members of a club that few of their acting colleagues in Tinsel Town joined.

– It involved a skill relatively rare among their acting colleagues.

– Sean later had the skill involved, but was not a club member.

– It was founded in 1944 and is still active.

What’s the Club?

Errol golddiggers


No. 3

— Gentleman Tim