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Whatever Happened to Mrs. Evans?

19 Jun

Did her husband in Paris kill her when he found out where she was?

A Quiz on the Neverending Adventures of Errol Flynn…

More in the papers from and about Barbara”

“Did Mrs. Evans have any comments on world affairs? Yes. George will just kill me when he finds out where I’ve been.

Sounds like George might be kind of a poor sport. For Castro the warfare is over. For Errol it may just be the beginning.”

— Gentleman Tim


Who is Errol with and Why???

13 Jun

Northern Pursuit

Southern Pursuit

A Bishop’s Involved

— Gentleman Tim


Before Blood

06 Jun

For what film was Errol tested that, if he had landed the role, would have been his first Hollywood starring role?

– He was considered for it before he was chosen for Captain Blood.

– It was based on a famous book.

– Though the story was a disaster, the movie was a success.

– Though it was fictional, it was based on real events.

– It would have been his first role with Alan Hale.

– It would have been his first role with Basil Rathbone.

– There were swords in the movie, but Errol would have never dueled against Basil with any of them.

– Russell Crowe played a somewhat similar role once.

– Kirk Douglas played a somewhat similar role once.

– Errol would have got religion in his role.

– Years later, he visited the location that was the setting of the film.

— Gentleman Tim


A Tease of a Quiz

19 May

What did this thrilling threesome do that earns them a spot on the blog?

— Gentleman Tim


What Number One Hit?

07 May

In what number one song did the singer sing about going to Mexico with Errol Flynn?

– Errol was in the news quite a bit for traveling south of the border before (and after) the release of this song

– It hit the top of the charts in the same month Errol was appearing with one of his most beautiful co-stars, with the same first name initial as his.

– It was performed by a very well-known big band.

– It was recorded again, about seven years later, by one of the most popular singers of all time, a major celebrity who knew Errol from having worked with him several years earlier in a Warner Brothers film.

– Errol’s name was replaced in recordings with “You know him” (rather than “Errol Flynn”), but it was a direct and widely recognized reference to Errol.

– In live. professional performances of this song, and amateurversions sang by female fans of Flynn, Errol’s name was sometimes sang as the true lyric. (i.e. “Errol Flynn” rather than “You know him”)

— Gentleman Tim


What Did He Say?

27 Apr

What did Errol say when he first saw this chandelier? Where and to whom did he say it??

Added April 28, AM EST

Added April 28, PM EST

— Gentleman Tim


? ? ?

18 Apr

In what way did this symbol once connect to something Errol once considered doing, but never did?

— Gentleman Tim


Dr. Who?

28 Mar

Given the Green Light by shangheinz on “Errorol”:


He was a “Harley Street” practitioner.

Early in his career, he pioneered and advocated the use of “truth drugs”.

He famously advocated one such drug in a French murder case.

Mid-career he was involved as an expert witness in a Hong Kong medical malpractice case.

He was later involved in a notorious British abortion/killing-of the-mother case.

He communicated from England to Errol elsewhere in Europe.

He had an indirect connection to the Profumo Affair.

Late in his career, he was quoted in Sports Illustrated concerning the abilities of women drivers.

He looked like this, but usually wore glasses during the years he treated Errol:

— Gentleman Tim


Companion Piece

16 Mar


Adjunct to the “(Cooking) Out Like Flynn” post put up earlier today, I offer the following quiz:

With what poet did Errol once share a steak and very-specially-boiled potato on the beach?

Clue Numero Uno: A renowned travel and culinary writer raved about the potato.

Clue Numero Dos: It happened in F.L.A.

Clue Numero Tres: At least two of the three steak and potato eaters mentioned were authorities on cocktails.

— Gentleman Tim


Speaking of Burma …

08 Mar

Errol starred in a movie which included an actor in key role who in real life served in America’s Burma campaigns. This actor even had a hand in bombing the equivalent of the fictional but fact-based “Bridge Over the River Kwai”?

Here’s some Jeopardy-like music for you to listen to while you contemplate who this actor was:

— Gentleman Tim