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Meet the Mayor

04 Jun

Mayor David Wenham – from 300, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

“Last month the hard working Wenham played Christian Travers, the fictional mayor of Townsville in director Russell Mulcahy’s Errol Flynn biopic In Like Flynn, shot on the Gold Coast.

Produced by James M. Vernon and Corey Large, the film follows the early life of the Tasmanian-born Flynn (Red Dog: True Blue’s Thomas Cocquerel) as he and his friends set sail from Sydney to New Guinea in search of gold. The mayor is the local bookmaker and brothel owner. Other cast members include Callan Mulvey, Isabel Lucas, Corey Large, William Moseley and Clive Standen.

Wenham relished the chance to work with Mulcahy, describing him as a great character and an absolute hoot.”

— Gentleman Tim


It’s a Wrap!

04 Jun…

— Gentleman Tim



04 May

PER THE IMBd: This biopic depicts Errol’s roust-about early life in Australia, before he became an internationally famed celebrity. In those days he was an adventurer, opium smuggler, gambler, street fighter, womanizer, and gold prospector. The film, based on Flynn’s early autobiography “Beam Ends,” was written for the screen by Luke Flynn, who found the inspiration as a result of travels through Australia in the footsteps of Luke’s iconic grandfather.


Characters beyond Errol’s days of Beam Ends have been previously mentioned also, including Olivia De Havilland and Michael Curtiz. See, for example this previous IMBd cast of characters:…

And a possible “former wife” featured in this new article:…

Starring Thomas Cocquerel & Isabel Lucas

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Young Errol in Peril

27 May

The Arrow: September 9, 1932

Flynn 1932

The Advocate: February 17, 1930


The Mercury: March 13, 1930


The Sydney Morning Herald: December 12, 1930


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Young Flynn in Cairns

08 Feb


Cairns, Queensland’s northern-most city, is an international gateway to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. For much of the twentieth century, including during Errol’s youth, its economy depended on sugar growing and farming. Later tourism became the dominant industry.

The city looks east to the Coral Sea at Trinity Bay, which was named by James Cook in 1770. It had an excellent harbor, “lush soil” and rich mineral mines, all of which drew a motley population, including a very significant percentage of fan tan playing immigrant Chinese.

This extraordinary setting eventually developed and became widely known for a uniquely wild environment, with gambling dens, opium smugglers, Japanese geishas, and an infamous red light district.

And (therefore) then along came Flynn:



“By 1923, Cairns’ “polychromatic population” had reached 8000, enough for Cairns to be declared a city, if a very rough and ready one.

Among its visiting chroniclers was the Hobart-born Errol Flynn, then still an aspiring unknown. He found his way to the Chinese Fan-Tan gambling joints, where he witnessed an operatic all-in brawl that seems to have provided some inspiration for his swashbuckling film roles:

“It was canecutters versus Chinese,” he records in Beam Ends, his supremely unreliable celebrity memoir: “Every moment more and more belligerents joined in the scrap, for no good reason other than it was anyone’s fight. Chinamen rushed about shouting and squealing in their high-pitched voices.

In the middle of the room, Chinamen, canecutters, Malays, half-castes, dark-skinned Italians and all other multi-hued nationalities were mixed up in a confused and struggling mass, amid the tumult and babel of shouted curses and imprecations in unknown tongues.

After a while the thing assumed an impersonal aspect. A man recognised an enemy simply because he happened to be nearest to him or of a different colour. A carload of police arrived on the scene and laid heavily and indiscriminately with their truncheons.””

Perhaps a similar scence: The Battle of Paramatta Park – Cairns, July 1932.


How it looks today, in the Post Flynn era:

Michael Seebeck Photographer

— Gentleman Tim


Volker’s Beam Ends Gallery

11 Apr

Beam Ends

[img src=]21600Vorbemerkung
The Sirocco/Die Sirocco
[img src=]1950Vorbemerkung
My itinery/Meine Reiseroute
[img src=]1680Vorbemerkung
The Sirocco 1929/Die Sirocco 1929
[img src=]1830Cairns
The Esplanade today/die Esplanade heute
[img src=]1910Cairns
The Esplanade 1930/Die Esplanade 1930
[img src=]1350Cairns
in the Kuranda Scenic Railway_historical train/ In der Kuranda Scenic Railway_historischer Zug
[img src=]980Cairns
the Cairns wharf today/ Der Kai in Cairns heute
[img src=]1040Cairns
the cairns wharf 1930/ Der Kai in Cairns 1930
[img src=]1170Cairns
the Hides hotel today/ Das Hides Hotel heute
[img src=]1030Cairns
the Hides 1936/ Das Hides 1936
[img src=]550Hichinbrook Island_Townsville_Magnetic Island_Bowen_Whitsundays
Bowe_the jetty 1930 / Der alte Pier ca. 1930
[img src=]480Hichinbrook Island_Townsville_Magnetic Island_Bowen_Whitsundays
the od jetty/ Der alte Pier
[img src=]460Hichinbrook Island_Townsville_Magnetic Island_Bowen_Whitsundays
Hichinbrook island
[img src=]430Hichinbrook Island_Townsville_Magnetic Island_Bowen_Whitsundays
Hichinbrook island passage view from Cardwell/ Die Hichinbrook Passage_Blick vom Städtchen Cardwell
[img src=]480Hichinbrook Island_Townsville_Magnetic Island_Bowen_Whitsundays
Castle Hill_view from the Strand (street along the shore) / Castle Hill_Blick von the Strand (Straße am Ufer)
[img src=]440Hichinbrook Island_Townsville_Magnetic Island_Bowen_Whitsundays
Magnetic Island_view from Castle Hill today / Magnetic Island_Blick vom Castle Hill heute
[img src=]540Hichinbrook Island_Townsville_Magnetic Island_Bowen_Whitsundays
Townsville_view from Castle Hill 1930 / Townsville_Blick vom Castle Hill 1930
[img src=]380Hichinbrook Island_Townsville_Magnetic Island_Bowen_Whitsundays
Whitehaven Beach_Whitsunday Islands
[img src=]440Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
[img src=]370Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Bundaberg_Burnett River
[img src=]550Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Bundaberg_clocktower on the Main St 1930 / Bundaberg_Glockenturm an der Haupstr. 1930
[img src=]460Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
National Bank / Nationalbank
[img src=]350Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
the old post office with clocktower today / das alte Postamt mit Glockenturm heute
[img src=]340Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Gladstone_now & then / Gladstone_heute & damals
[img src=]270Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Galdstone_harbour / der Hafen
[img src=]270Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Gladstone_the old lighthouse / der alte Leuchtturm
[img src=]370Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Gladstone_the old lighthouse / der alte Leuchtturm
[img src=]320Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Rockhampton_stairway of the former Gresham Hotel / Treppenhaus im vormaligen Gresham Hotel
[img src=]270Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Rockhampton_the old post office / das alte Postamt
[img src=]280Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Rockhampton_the former Gresham hotel / das ehemalige Gresham Hotel
[img src=]370Rockhampton_Gladstone_Bundaberg
Rockhampton_steamtrains 1923 / Dampfstraßenbahn 1923
[img src=]830Brisbane
Brisbane Ladies Rowing Club 1930 / Brisbane Damen Ruderclub 1930
[img src=]300Brisbane
Brisbane River
[img src=]260Great Sandy Island (Fraser Island)
Entrance to passage between Fraser Island & mainland / Einfahrt zur Passage zwischen Fraser Island & Festland
[img src=]300Great Sandy Island (Fraser Island)
Southend Fraser Island & Inskip Point / Südspitze Fraser Island & Inskip Point
[img src=]230Brisbane
Brisbane River
[img src=]200Brisbane
Brisbane River
[img src=]170Brisbane
Brisbane River
[img src=]290Brisbane
Brisbane Botanic Garden_Curator's House_display / Brisbane Botanischer Garten_Kuratorhaus_Schautafel
[img src=]220Brisbane
Brisbane Botanic Garden_Curator's House / Brisbane Botanischer Garten_Kuratorhaus
[img src=]200Brisbane
Brisbane Parliament House / Brisbane Parlamentsgebäude
[img src=]370Brisbane
Brisbane Ladies Rowing Club 1930 / Brisbane Damen ruderclub 1930
[img src=]240Brisbane
Brisbane Ladies Rowing Club 1930 / Brisbane Damen ruderclub 1930
[img src=]250Ballina
aerial photo from 1931 / Luftaufnahme von 1931
[img src=]210Ballina
courthouse today / Gerichtsgebäude heute
[img src=]190Ballina
the "bar" today / die "Bar" heute
[img src=]160Coff's Harbour
The jetty today / Die Pier heute
[img src=]130Coff's Harbour
View from Muttonbird Island / Blick von "Muttonbird Island"
[img src=]120Coff's Harbour
View from Muttonbird Island / Blick von "Muttonbird Island"
[img src=]140Coff's Harbour
View from Muttonbird Island / Blick von "Muttonbird Island"
[img src=]150Coff's Harbour
ship at the jetty 1930 / Frachtschiff am Pier 1930
[img src=]220Coff's Harbour
construction of the jetty / Bau des Piers
[img src=]110Port Stephens
entrance to Pt. Stephens / Zugang zu Pt. Stephens
[img src=]130Port Stephens
view from Shoal Bay / Blick von Shoal Bay
[img src=]140Port Stephens
view from Shoal Bay 1930 / Blick von Shoal Bay 1930
[img src=]140Hobart/Tasmania
[img src=]240Hobart/Tasmania
Errol Flynn Star in front of State Theater / Errol Flynn Stern vor dem State Theater
[img src=]220Hobart/Tasmania
Steve Randall at the entrance to the Errol Flynn Reserve / Steve Randall am Zugang zur Errol Flynn Reserve
[img src=]260Hobart/Tasmania
Errol's birth certificate at Drifters Cafe / Errol's Geburtsurkune im drifters Cafe
[img src=]190Hobart/Tasmania
Erro's boarding room at Friends School / Errol's Zimmer in der Friends School
[img src=]180Hobart/Tasmania
old city hall. stairs to 1st floor / die alte Stadthalle, Treppe zur ersten Etage
[img src=]220Hobart/Tasmania
old city hall, view from entrance towards stage / die alte Stadthalle, Blick vom Eingang zur Bühne
[img src=]220Hobart/Tasmania
old city hall / die alte Stadthalle
[img src=]170Hobart/Tasmania
old city hall, stairs to stage / die alte Stadthalle, Treppe auf die Bühne
[img src=]130Hobart/Tasmania
State Theater
[img src=]120Hobart/Tasmania
Friends School
[img src=]150Hobart/Tasmania
Westella house on Elizabeth Street
[img src=]260Hobart/Tasmania
Mildura, Errol's home during his first5 years / Errol's Heim während seiner ersten 5 Lebensjahre
[img src=]150Hobart/Tasmania
Mildura house, 52 Warwick St.
[img src=]270Hobart/Tasmania
12 Aberdeen St., Errol's home in 1924, Errol's Heim in 1924
[img src=]190Hobart/Tasmania
Domain House/University of Tasmania<br />Errol's father was once photographed with colleagues right here / Errol's Vater wurde genau an dieser Stelle einmal mit Kollegen fotografiert<br />
[img src=]190Hobart/Tasmania
296 Davey Street<br />Errol's home in 1917 / Errol's Heim 1917
[img src=]170Hobart/Tasmania
10 Darcy St<br />Errol lived here from 1914 to 1916 / Errol's Wohnstätte von 1914-1916
[img src=]300Hobart/Tasmania
Errol Flynn plaque at Albuera St School / Errol Flynn Gedenktafel an der Albuera St. Schule
[img src=]280Hobart/Tasmania
Queen Alexandra Hospital 01 01 2012
[img src=]220Hobart/Tasmania
Queen Alexandra Hospital 1909
[img src=]280Errol Flynn Reserve Hobart / Tasmania
display for the Errol Flynn Reserve / Schautafel am eingang zur Errol Flynn Reserve
[img src=]230Hobart/Tasmania
information sign with reference to Errol Flynn Reserve / Hinweistafel auf die Errol Flynn Reserve
[img src=]170Hobart/Tasmania
view from Errol Flynn Reserve up to Battery Point / Blick von der Erroll Flynn Reserve hinauf auf Battery Point
[img src=]140Hobart/Tasmania
view from Battery Point down to Errol Flynn Reserve / Blick von Battery Point hinunter zur Errol Flynn Reserve
[img src=]90Hobart/Tasmania
northern entrance of Errol Flyy Reserve / der nördliche Zugang zur Errol Flynn Reserve
[img src=]130
[img src=]130
[img src=]130
[img src=]130
[img src=]100
[img src=]200
[img src=]290
[img src=]140
[img src=]170
[img src=]170
[img src=]130
[img src=]130
[img src=]130
[img src=]120
[img src=]110
[img src=]130
[img src=]110
[img src=]140
[img src=]180
[img src=]120

Here are all of Volker’s pictures from his trip.

— Inga