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“Intergalactic Errol Flynn”?

27 Jul

A Spacebuckling Flynn? What do you think?…

— Gentleman Tim


In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

29 Dec

Tammy, Tammy, Tammy is gone.

How terribly, terribly sad. One of the last true greats from Hollywood’s Golden Age has died, only a day after her daughter, also a film legend.

Around the time of her playing Tammy, there was discussion of Debbie Reynolds costarring with Errol, following his own great success in The Sun Also Rises. This was all circa the time Liz ran off with the Louse, leaving the unsinkable Debbie with two Fisher toddlers, Todd and Carrie. Carrie, of course, achieved immortality of her own starring in Star Wars with spacebuckler Hans Solo, a character inspired by Errol himself. Except for Harrison, they are all now in a galaxy far, far away. Godspeed to all of them.

— Gentleman Tim


The Clinton Family Film Festival

30 Sep

(No, not that Clinton Family)

Proudly Presents: “The Reckless Rogue Who Saved the Throne”

(Yes, that Reckless Rogue – as described in the trailer linked below):……

— Gentleman Tim


Who was the Best Christian?

15 May

A Question for Sunday Morning:

Wilton Power (1916), Errol Flynn (1933), Clark Gable (1935), Marlon Brando (1962), or Mel Gibson (1984)?



— Gentleman Tim


Brown’s Name Blackened?

10 May

Hero, Madman, or Villain???…………



— Gentleman Tim


Actin’ Like Flynn – Part 17 – The Son Also Rises

03 Mar

Sean FlynnThe Son of Captain Blood Himself…

— Gentleman Tim


Trailer for The Sea Hawk Rated One of the Greatest

01 Mar

Recently assessed to be one of the rare great film trailers that actually lived up to its promotional superlatives:…

— Gentleman Tim


Actin’ Like Flynn – Part 14 – Hope Springs Eternal

26 Feb

Another Parody of Flynn, Tailor Made for Hope.

Released in Early 1954, In the Wake of Errol’s Modern Adventures of Casanova, 1952.

Even has a Girl Swimming Out to His Boat!

The Whole Casanova, with Basil Adding Spice – Co-Starring Joan Dehavilland:

— Gentleman Tim


Actin’ Like Flynn – Part 5 – The Last But Not Least

12 Feb

Highlighted by an outstanding portrayal of a late-1950s Flynn by Kevin Kline, who, many believe, should have played Flynn in a major biopic way back when he could have portrayed Errol at his physical and cinematic swashbuckling peak. Unfortunately, apparently due to screenplay and budget problems, the film itself is not nearly on par with Kline’s superlative performance. Susan Sarandon does an excellent job, as well.


— Gentleman Tim


Actin’ Like Flynn – Part One – A Very Sticky Wicket

10 Feb

Duncan Regehr in My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn, Broadcast TV, 1985

MWWW 1985………

— Gentleman Tim