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Coronado Dreamin’ – 1938

22 Jun

Coronado Eagle – July 21, 1938

Tennis and Water Skiing in the Summer of ’38

“Water Skiing New Coronado Water Sport”

I think that I shall never see
A thing as lonely as a ski
A ski that stands against the wall
Waiting until some snow shall fall.

The author of the above evidently hadn’t heard of the latest craze,
water skiing. Now that we have been naughtily alluring in grass skirts
during Hawaiian week and demurely picturesque in crinoline in the manner
of the Gay Nineties we must needs be athletic and go cavorting about on
the top of the waves with water skis.

Whether you pronounce it ski or “ski” you’ll pronounce it thrilling
according to Otto Lang, the instructor in the precarious sport which has
so suddenly become the rage. Mr. Lang is famed as an instructor who has
coached the University of Washington ski team, and was associated with
Hannes Schneider, a world authority on skiing. He appeared In “Thin Ice’’
with Sonja Henie. Mr. Lang contends that water skiing keeps one in condition
for snow skiing and visa versa. The skills are similar altho attached to the
feet in a different manner.”

Errol Flynn who was recently here as a contestant in the tennis tournament,
is one of the chief enthusiasts of the sport and it is predicted that other
moving picture actors will follow his lead. Mr. Lang is at present instructing
some of the younger set among whom are Miss Dorothy Royce, Miss Sinclair Gannon
Miss Quil Garrettson and Walter Fitch. They are expected to fly thru the water
with the greatest of ease any day now.

— Gentleman Tim


Coronado Dreamin’ – 1937

21 Jun

Coronado Eagle – July 29, 1937

Fishing & Water Skiing (& likely Tennis, too ) in the Summer of ’37

“Splashes from Glorietta Bay”

“Assuming almost holiday appearance, Coronado Yacht Club continues to play host to a
number of visiting yachtsmen and members with the Club’s slips and basin filled with
craft of all sizes.

From northern ports, six visiting boats, their owners and guests aboard, arrived this
week and joined the local group for a stay in Coronado.

Cheerio II, 46-ft auxiliary yawl, owned by Errol Flynn, well known movie actor from
Beverly Hills, arrived Saturday for a holiday. Guests aboard are Frank Lbickok and
Elmer Griffin. The party plans to fish for marlin and enjoy water skiing.”

Cheerio II, 46-foot Yawl
Skippered by current owner Dick McNish, previously owned by Silver Screen Star Errol Flynn

— Gentleman Tim


Et tu, Bruce?

20 Jun

— Gentleman Tim


Whatever Happened to Mrs. Evans?

19 Jun

Did her husband in Paris kill her when he found out where she was?

A Quiz on the Neverending Adventures of Errol Flynn…

More in the papers from and about Barbara”

“Did Mrs. Evans have any comments on world affairs? Yes. George will just kill me when he finds out where I’ve been.

Sounds like George might be kind of a poor sport. For Castro the warfare is over. For Errol it may just be the beginning.”

— Gentleman Tim



16 Jun

Harrison Carroll – Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – June 16, 1938

Errol Flynn’s dog, Arno, is barred off The Sisters set. Flynn has been training him as a protector and, when Bette Davis had to make a pass at Errol in a scene, the dog lunged at her, bit her leg and chased her up on a chair.…

— Gentleman Tim


Russian Here, Russian There

15 Jun

An EFB Four Score Anniversary News Report

Harrison Carroll – Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – June 15, 1937

Another weekend party, the Basil Rathbones’, was enlivened by all the stellar guests doing impromptu turns at entertaining. Marlene Dietrich really startled the cinema folk with a Russian dance. Errol Flynn, who knows not a word of the language obliged with a Russian song.

Party was a surprise celebration for Rathbone and all the guests hid their automobiles a block away.……

— Gentleman Tim


First Things: Boys Into Men

13 Jun

Leading Religious Magazine Recommends Errol’s Robin Hood and Gentleman Jim for Helping Develop Boys Into Men.…

— Gentleman Tim


Who is Errol with and Why???

13 Jun

Northern Pursuit

Southern Pursuit

A Bishop’s Involved

— Gentleman Tim


King’s Bishop – Flynn’s Gambit

12 Jun

Here’s part of an original script for Captain Blood. How do you think Errol did in his interpretation of the script? (See 1:50 – 2:22 of the TCM video linked below.) I’d say bloody magnificent.…

— Gentleman Tim


Sean’s In Fashion

10 Jun

Dressin’ Like Flynn, Sean Flynn

Nigel Cabourn spring/summer 2018 collection presentation | LFWM

— Gentleman Tim