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Meet the Mayor

04 Jun

Mayor David Wenham – from 300, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

“Last month the hard working Wenham played Christian Travers, the fictional mayor of Townsville in director Russell Mulcahy’s Errol Flynn biopic In Like Flynn, shot on the Gold Coast.

Produced by James M. Vernon and Corey Large, the film follows the early life of the Tasmanian-born Flynn (Red Dog: True Blue’s Thomas Cocquerel) as he and his friends set sail from Sydney to New Guinea in search of gold. The mayor is the local bookmaker and brothel owner. Other cast members include Callan Mulvey, Isabel Lucas, Corey Large, William Moseley and Clive Standen.

Wenham relished the chance to work with Mulcahy, describing him as a great character and an absolute hoot.”

— Gentleman Tim



27 May

“Nightcrawler is known for his love of dashing, swashbuckling Hollywood star Errol Flynn and Flynn’s role in Captain Blood in particular. He even made himself look like Flynn back in the days when he used an image inducer to hide his blue, furry form.”

“In Amazing X-Men, the demon Azazel, sailed a pirate ship to conquer heaven, and it was up to Nightcrawler and his swashbuckling friends to defend the afterlife.”……

— Gentleman Tim


Yep! It was Errol!

22 May

Their first famous photo.…

— Gentleman Tim


A Tease of a Quiz

19 May

What did this thrilling threesome do that earns them a spot on the blog?

— Gentleman Tim


Ex Errol Flynn makes for a mean king

12 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I highly recommend you go and see “King Arthur”, a blockbuckler of epic porportions from Brit director Guy Ritchie.

If you filter the Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones- overtones, out comes a film Errol would have very much liked to make and could have thrived in. The acid tongue in cheek remarks make newcomer Charlie Hunnum talk treason constantly.

But the main Flynn film reference comes from the movie’s meanie Jude Law, who is no stranger to controversy himself, when a few years ago he put his kids’ nanny to bed.

A leading man in his own right, he gives a posh performance as the evil brother of Arthur’s father, starring Eric Bana, usurping the Auld King.

From Flynn to king that’s the law according to Jude.…


— shangheinz


Defining a Swashbuckler

11 May

Flynn, Jackson, Depp & Trump?

Everything you ever wanted to know about ‘swashbuckling’

— Gentleman Tim


From Out of This World — Watch it! (Says Sinatra)

11 May

— Gentleman Tim


New Australian Musical ERROL AND FIDEL to Open NYMF 2017

09 May

It has been announced in New York that ERROL AND FIDEL, a new musical written by four Sydneysiders, will open this year’s New York Musical Festival, the most prestigious showcase for new work in the music theatre world …

— David DeWitt


Woodsie Morningstar

09 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

as of today the Blue Ray- edition of “Marjorie Morningstar” can be purchased. The ultra sharp resolution should enable us to spot Errol`s last love Beverly Aadland very quickly. And for those who are not so into little wood nymphs, there`s the enchanting beauty of Natalie Wood, the ethereal dancing of Gene Kelly and the eternal music of Max Steiner.


— shangheinz


Mail Bag! Kevin McAleer: Errol Flynn a Life in Verse!

03 May

Dear David,

It has been quite some time since we last had contact. You may remember me – the guy who was writing an epic poem on the life of Errol Flynn. Well, ten years in the making and I recently finished it. Now of course comes the real work, finding a publisher, but in the meantime I thought you might like to read the manuscript version. Book-length poems may not be your bag, but the Flynn aspect could still carry you through.

I see that the blog is flourishing. Back in 2009 you were kind enough to post some of my stanzas. So my impulse in contacting you now is not completely self-serving – I thought you might be curious to see how things turned out.

On 11 May I have a rearding from the poem at the renowned literary salon of Britta Gansebohm, with novelist/playwright Carey Harrison moderating:…

Best Regards,

Kevin McAleer



Thanks, Kevin!

— David DeWitt