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Case of the Curious Corpse

12 Feb…

— Gentleman Tim


Mulholland Farm?

27 Dec

What say you?

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Reagan’s most difficult dialogue … Mailbag!

29 Jul

Our dear friend Karl Holmberg writes to us:

… from Desparate Journey, 1942, and this is the film he was referencing during a news reporter’s question:

Gorbachev was a media celebrity in the United States, and the crowds cheered when he jumped out of his limousine and shook hands with people on the street. Reagan was out of the limelight, and it didn’t seem to bother him. Asked by a reporter whether he felt overshadowed by Gorbachev, Reagan replied: ‘I don’t resent his popularity. Good Lord, I once co-starred * with Errol Flynn.’
* meaning that the credit read: “starring Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan


Thanks, Karl!

— David DeWitt


Who was the Best Christian?

15 May

A Question for Sunday Morning:

Wilton Power (1916), Errol Flynn (1933), Clark Gable (1935), Marlon Brando (1962), or Mel Gibson (1984)?



— Gentleman Tim


Love Accordian to Flynn

22 Mar

From the second of Errol’s two “Never” films:

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Actin’ Like Flynn – Part 17 – The Son Also Rises

03 Mar

Sean FlynnThe Son of Captain Blood Himself…

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Actin’ Like Flynn – Part 16 – A Near Future Flynn from the Distant Past?

02 Mar

Michael Fassbender in the major 2016 science-fiction, game-world epic “Assassin’s Creed”?

A Future/Futuristic Flynn from the Days of Knights Templar?

With highly-regarded Aussie director Justin Kurzel at the helm.

“Errol Flynn in a world of digital avatars.”

Looks promising. We shall see.…

— Gentleman Tim


Actin’ Like Flynn – Part 14 – Hope Springs Eternal

26 Feb

Another Parody of Flynn, Tailor Made for Hope.

Released in Early 1954, In the Wake of Errol’s Modern Adventures of Casanova, 1952.

Even has a Girl Swimming Out to His Boat!

The Whole Casanova, with Basil Adding Spice – Co-Starring Joan Dehavilland:

— Gentleman Tim


Actin’ Like Flynn – Part 13 – Surely He Jests

26 Feb

The Kid from Brooklyn in a Spectacular Spoof of Errol Hood.

With Vessel Loads of Snappy Humor:

And a Duel Role Opposing Basil Rathbone:……

— Gentleman Tim


Actin’ Like Flynn – Part 11 – Never Fear, Errol’s Here

23 Feb

“Don’t you worry, never fear, Robin Hood will soon be here!

Stay tuned for the Hollywood ending.


— Gentleman Tim