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“Filling the Screen with Greatness”

25 Apr

“Beyond the Blue Sky” aka Dive Bomber


Filming began 75 years ago


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Story with Rory

28 Mar

With a Great Photo and Compliment, from and about Her Presentation at the 2015 TCM Classic Movie Festival

Rory at TCM 2015…

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Rory & Sean in Coronado!

19 Jan

Rory & Sean have been a Very Big Hit in Coronado this Weekend, at all the VIP Ceremonies, Rory’s sensational Show about Errol, Dive Bomber, introduced by Sean, and a “The Baron of Mulholland” Meet & Greet/Book Signing.

Chris Lemmon and Leonard Maltin were around. Legendary Flynn-Fan Richard Dreyfuss met with Rory & Sean before the show.

Several festival guests had great stories about Errol. One was a little girl at her aunt’s home in Holmby Hills when Errol came by and read all the kids Peter and the Wolf. One fellow’s father used to watch Errol play tennis at the Hotel Del and said he was incredible, one day nearly beating the top ranked player in California/one of best players in the world. Also heard about Errol socializing with Naval officers at North Island Officers Club, at the Hotel Del bar, and at their homes on Coronado.

P.S. Dive Bomber is extraordinary on the big screen.


— Gentleman Tim


Who Wrote This?

17 Jan

Today and tomorrow will be the Flynn place to be, Flynncluding at the Coronado Library, which is hosting some of the many great events at the Coronado Island Film Festival.

As did Errol himself, numerous Flynn Crowd celebrities used to visit Coronado. One notable Flynnsider who lived on the island wrote the following tribute to the Coronado Library. Who was she or he?


Here are some displays now in the library:






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Coronado Island Film Festival – One Week Away

08 Jan

Next Weekend: January 15-18, 2016

On Coronado, California — Early Hollywood Playground & “The Birthplace of Naval Aviation”

Coronado Film Festival Program

Meet & Greet with Sean & Rory!!… [See pages 80 & 81 for Rory & Sean’s Tribute to Errol]

— Gentleman Tim


CIFF – T Minus 2

02 Jan

The Coronado Island Film Festival, January 15-18

Featuring Errol, Rory & Sean Flynn

Hosted by Leonard Maltin



Errol at the Holtel del Pool

Errol playing tennis hotel del

Hotel Del withpool

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Countdown to Coronado

26 Dec

Three Weekends Away…



Closeup on Flynn


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Dive Bomber Quiz

21 Dec

For all devoted Dive Bomber students and scholars:

Dive Bomber student gif

Anyone know the manufacturer and nomenclature of the planes in this photo with Lt. Lee?

Errol on a Scooter during Dive Bomber

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Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Sara’s Air Group 3 – Navy Ace Butch O’Hare

19 Dec

The USS Saratoga was at Bremerton Shipyard during filming of Dive Bomber. While it was there, however, it’s Air Group 3 was detached to the USS Enterprise in San Diego and nearby North Island Air Base on Coronado, thereby making it possible for it’s aircraft to be included it the film. Most famously, Navy pilot Butch O’Hare was part of Air Group 3 at that time, took part in the movie, and, less than a year later, won the Medal of Honor. The busiest airport in the world is now named after him , O’Hare International. Watch the fascinating on video below on Butch O’Hare. Legend has it Al Capone killed his Dad.

The Saratoga was on it’s way to San Diego from Bremerton when Pearl Harbor was attacked.


uss_saratoga plaque


— Gentleman Tim


Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Big E/Air Group 6

19 Dec

The USS Enterprise was filmed for Dive Bomber in the Spring of 1941, with Bull Halsey overseeing operations. Word is Bull did not kowtow to Kurtiz and wasn’t thrilled about having to have Hollywood hanging about his ship and crew, but bigwigs in Washington wanted this film, correctly believing it would be a hugely successful recruiting film. Bull, in turn, was very correctly anticipating and preparing for possible war in the Pacific. This is why many of the Air Groups’ aircraft (the Enterprise’s and Saratoga’s) are painted gray, rather than the much more colorful pre-war colors. At the request of Warner Brothers, some planes retained their original colors until completion of filming.

Uss E and titles

uss enterprise air group

USS Enterprise

Air Group Six Yearbook

USS Enterprise plane

Uss Enterprise B&W

USS Enterprise with Vindicators

Air Group Flying……

For Great Clips of the Big E and Air Group 6 in Dive Bomber:

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