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The PTA Approves of Errol

11 Jul

Flynn Good for Families…

— Gentleman Tim


First Things: Boys Into Men

13 Jun

Leading Religious Magazine Recommends Errol’s Robin Hood and Gentleman Jim for Helping Develop Boys Into Men.…

— Gentleman Tim


The Finest Ever Robin Hood

20 Dec


“The finest ever Robin Hood, Errol Flynn was a man who knew how to buckle a swash. No one has matched him in nearly eighty years of trying, and no one has even come close to filling a pair of tights as well as our Errol.”

— Gentleman Tim


Mailbag! The Making of Objective Burma!

01 Dec

Jan Vandervliet writes us with a recording site link to Objective Berma! And a detailed description of the recording and how the film was made. Click the image for the description!

Thanks, Jan!


— David DeWitt


The Errol Café Society

16 Nov


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

There is a mention of Errol in the new Woody Allen film “Café Society”. It is fine movie overall with a genuine Hollywood of (G)old feel to it.

Best line: “Life is a comedy written by a sadistic comedy writer”.

And woodyn’t you know it, Flynn is in this lovetriangle-homage-farce about real and made up movie stars, panicky producers and go for it gaffers.


— shangheinz



27 Aug


— Gentleman Tim


Mailbag! New! Restored Version of Santa fe Trail!

17 Aug
Our chum Karl Holmberg writes in:…


People who positively review (on Amazon) don’t appear to be Flynnophiles, nor film buffs in general but…
STILL~ it ain’t cheap!

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— David DeWitt


30 Top Errol Flynn Films with Posters & Ratings!

13 Aug

Hey David….A friend of mine from London….did a Top 30 rated Errol Flynn You Tube video….figured you would enjoy it. Lots of great Flynn posters in the video.

Hope all is well!


Cogerson Movie Score

Thanks so much!

— David DeWitt


Robin Hood in San Diego

07 Jul

TOMORROW, Friday, July 8, 2016

At the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park:…

Robin Hood at Mopa

Listen to the Flynntastic Cinema Junkie Podcast Tribute, to Both the Movie and to Errol!…

Robin Hood Podcast

The Museum of Photographic Arts in (my wondrous old stomping grounds of) Balboa Park:

Museum of Photographic Arts

— Gentleman Tim


No. 1

15 Jun…

No.1. The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

“Almost 80 years after he first leaped across screens, Errol Flynn is still the definitive Robin Hood, despite countless new retellings. All later adaptations seem to rip off Michael Curtiz and William Keighley’s iconic Golden Age swashbuckler in one way or another — and rightly so. The dialogue is sharp and clever, Olivia de Havilland is lovely, the sets and costumes are brilliant in glorious Technicolor — but it’s Errol Flynn, with his effortless, irresistible charm, who brings a special magic to the classic. There was never any question which Robin Hood would take the top spot: The Adventures was always in like…well, Flynn.”


— Gentleman Tim