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Ding Dong, The Dicktator is Dead!

26 Nov

Robin Hood and the Revolutionary…




Added today, Sunday, November 27.

Photos I took this afternoon on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, Miami, epicenter of celebrations over the death of Comrade Castro. Up 95 some, Cuban-American Kiki Alonso was soon taking out Castro-lover, Komrade K.



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Ahead of His Time

13 Sep

Errol was always ahead of his time. In this case, eighty (80) years so.

If not for his allegedly annoying moustache and smile, the movie may well have been his in ’36!…



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Flynn de la Mancha

06 Jul


The International Brigades were headquarted in Albacete

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The Most Doomed Movie in Hollywood History?

02 May

Well, at least Errol got a Chinese Dinner and Alaskan Gold Mine out of it – and almost a menage a trois up on Lookout Mountain with Tiger Lil’ and the Queen of the Headhunters (or is that redundant?)…

The White Rajah Natives

See @ 1:55 onward

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Young Flynn in Cairns

08 Feb


Cairns, Queensland’s northern-most city, is an international gateway to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. For much of the twentieth century, including during Errol’s youth, its economy depended on sugar growing and farming. Later tourism became the dominant industry.

The city looks east to the Coral Sea at Trinity Bay, which was named by James Cook in 1770. It had an excellent harbor, “lush soil” and rich mineral mines, all of which drew a motley population, including a very significant percentage of fan tan playing immigrant Chinese.

This extraordinary setting eventually developed and became widely known for a uniquely wild environment, with gambling dens, opium smugglers, Japanese geishas, and an infamous red light district.

And (therefore) then along came Flynn:



“By 1923, Cairns’ “polychromatic population” had reached 8000, enough for Cairns to be declared a city, if a very rough and ready one.

Among its visiting chroniclers was the Hobart-born Errol Flynn, then still an aspiring unknown. He found his way to the Chinese Fan-Tan gambling joints, where he witnessed an operatic all-in brawl that seems to have provided some inspiration for his swashbuckling film roles:

“It was canecutters versus Chinese,” he records in Beam Ends, his supremely unreliable celebrity memoir: “Every moment more and more belligerents joined in the scrap, for no good reason other than it was anyone’s fight. Chinamen rushed about shouting and squealing in their high-pitched voices.

In the middle of the room, Chinamen, canecutters, Malays, half-castes, dark-skinned Italians and all other multi-hued nationalities were mixed up in a confused and struggling mass, amid the tumult and babel of shouted curses and imprecations in unknown tongues.

After a while the thing assumed an impersonal aspect. A man recognised an enemy simply because he happened to be nearest to him or of a different colour. A carload of police arrived on the scene and laid heavily and indiscriminately with their truncheons.””

Perhaps a similar scence: The Battle of Paramatta Park – Cairns, July 1932.


How it looks today, in the Post Flynn era:

Michael Seebeck Photographer

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Dear Santa, My Dear Fellow

27 Dec

Errol Writes Santa


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Charlie Bow-Tie

24 Nov

Errol “Not Charlie Bow-Tie’ Flynn’s Aims and Aspirations as an Author.

He Began It During “Dive Bomber”, “Doodled 50,000 Words” at the Los Angeles County Courthouse, and Continued at Mulholland, Going Through the Various Working Titles of “Charlie Bow-Tie Comes to America”, “Charlie Bow-Tie Goes to Hollywood”, and “The Eye of the Stump”.

A Superb Account of It’s History Can Be Found in Tom McNulty’s “Errol Flynn: The Life and Career”.

And Here’s a Funtemporaneous Account of It’s Writing:…

Errol - Footsteps bow tie

Errol on Scooter

Errol in Bowtie Color Photo of

Great Color Photo Provided by Don Jan. Thank you, Don Jan!

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Lowdown on Showdown – Covers Through the Years

20 Nov

1946 Sheridan House, New York

Showdown first


See this “Rarest Copy of Showdown” link!…

Showdown - Autographed for Parents

Showdown Ben Johnson

1946 Invincible, Sydney

Showdown Invincible

1946 “First Australian Edition”…

Showdown 1946 Australia

1949 Dell Books

Showdown - 1949

1952 W. Foulsham, London

Showdown - 1952

1960 Cardinal, New York


1961 Consul Books

Showdown - 1961

1976 Buccaneer Books

Showdown 1976

1986 Amereon Ltd

Showdown Amereon 1986

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Rarest copy of Showdown by Errol Flynn!

08 Jan

Recently collector Ben Johnson of Ohio, USA claimed possibly the rarest of copies of Showdown signed by Errol to his parents! Ben added it to a fine looking display he’s created and allows us to show it on the EFB!

ben johnson columbus ohio

ben johnson columbus ohio2

Dennis Mullen, editor and ghostwriter and personal tour guide to Flynn haunts Port Antonio, Jamaica, and Havana, Cuba, arranged the sale and told me he is sending an Errol Flynn marina brochure and a vial of sand from Navy Island to Ben for his display case, as well. (You can check out Dennis’s Flynn ebay items by searching for seller: HavannaArchives.)

The dedication reads:

Thanks, Ben and Dennis!

— David DeWitt


Errol and Colliers Magazine

30 Sep

Home today with one heck of a headache so I thought I would continue in my search for Flynnthings. I came across this story written by Errol in 1937-…


The article is written over several pages so I had to select the 1st page of the article and then the section that has the last few pages.  Enjoy!

— Maria