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Flynn Floats an Idea

29 May

TIME Magazine: May 29, 1944



Errol Flynn, well-known Hollywood yachtsman, had a new idea about boats, considered converting a sloop into a floating aquarium.

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Errol Leaves India for Africa — May 28, 1933

29 May

After a side-splitting incident with a rickshaw boy on the island of Ceylon, Errol left with Erben for the mainland French Colony of Pondicherry. From Pondicherry they traveled an intolerably slow and hot five days on a train “jammed” with “Untouchables”, up the east coast of India to Calcutta, where they witnessed a ~ “dizzying spectacle of temples, beggary, dung in the street, wispy Indian girls in their white wrappings, and whorehouses.” Leaving Calcutta for Africa on the French ship La Stella Errol brawled with a spitting-mad “huge Black Sengalese soldier who bunked above him in steerage. Erben had a good laugh at how decisively Errol lost that dispute.

Finally, on May 28, 1933, Errol left India on the French paquebot Compiegne, through the Gulf of Mannar, then through Arabian Sea to Djibouti, in what was then the French colony of Somaliland.

As depicted below, this route was part of an ancient maritime portion of the old “Silk Road” between China and Europe. Sounds sensible to call it the “Silk Seaway”.

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“Voyage of Discovery” — Asia to Ceylon

28 May

According to My Wicked, Wicked Ways …

Following their escapades in Asia, Errol and Erben sailed on the French ship D’Artagnon*, through the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal, toward India. On this “voyage of discovery”, as he later described it to his father, Errol became enamored with a beautiful half-Swiss, half Japanese, young woman name named Myako. She was from a Swiss Colony in Kobe**. Unfortunately for Errol, Myako had a Swiss husband onboard, one who soon made his own discovery, i.e. Errol below decks with Myako.

“Nuts, screeching, and out of control”, Myako’s extraordinarily-strong and irate Swiss husband discovered Errol with his wife in the couple’s first-class cabin, both half-undressed. First, seized Errol’s throat and attempted to choke him to death. Then, when Errol finally managed to pry himself free, he pulled a revolver threatened again to kill Errol, this time pointing his revolver at one of Errol’s most prized possessions.

Errol was not able to talk his way out of danger with this insanely-jealous husband, but he was able to dodge the shot fired at him and take the gun from him. To Errol’s dismay, however, the noise of the shot and its ” zinging from wall to wall” “in the steel cabin” “through the first-class cabin” “like a blowfly over a piece of cheese” summoning the ship’s French officers, who promptly ordered Errol to permanently leave the ship, in Colombo, on the British island colony of Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka. Errol attributed his being booted from the D’Artagnon‘, but not the first-class couple, to “economics” and French practicality.

* The D’Artagnan later became a Vichy French warship (renamed the Teiko Maru and manned by Japanese) and was sunk by the USS Puffer, in the South China Sea, near Borneo.

** The Swiss had very extensive enterprises in Japan prior to WWII. In fact, they were responsible for more than a third of all raw silk exportation from Japan. They also exported – predominantly via French and German ports and ships- weaving machinery, wool, muslin, aniline dyes, drugs, perfumes, and watches. In fact, over 90% of all watches exported into Japan were imported from Switzerland.

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In Father’s Footsteps — May 27, 1961

27 May

Sean Flynn Chip Off Old Block

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Cecil B. DeMille Presents Errol Flynn & Martha Scott — May 26, 1941

26 May

Very enjoyable broadcast, with the very talented Martha Scott, Mother of Moses in one of Cecil B’s other productions.

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Memorial Day 2020, 3 PM

25 May

In addition to his early and enthusiastic anti-Nazi tour of South America, his war bond tours, his appearances for the Red Cross, and his anti-Axis war films, Errol also supported the troops and country as a star on USO tours, including in 1943, at various locations in Alaska, including Amchitka, Attu, and Dutch Harbor, with Martha O’Driscoll, most notably.:

Meanwhile, Back in Korea

And here is a 5-minute preview of Our Man from Mulholland’s, i.e. Jack Marino’s, magnificent tribute to our Forgotten Heroes, part of which was filmed at the location of the former Mulholland Farm. Thank you, Jack!

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Meet the Parents …and Sister

25 May

May 25, 1939

Hollywood Citizen News


Errol Flynn disclosed today that his parents, Prof. and Mrs. Thompson Flynn of Belfast, Ireland, would pay their first visit to Hollywood next month. They will be accompanied by their daughter, Rosemary younger sister of the film star. Prof. Flynn is the dean of the faculty of science at Queen’s University, Belfast.

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Talk is …

24 May

May 24, 1938

Louella O. Parsons

Los Angeles Times

Talk is that Errol Flynn will start a winter sports colony in Colorado …

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Quiz 23 ’38

23 May

Two very significant events boosting Errol’s legacy took place on the 23rd day of two separate months in 1938. One was that LIFE Magazine featured Errol on their May 23, 1938, cover. What was the second event?

7pm Additional Clues

8:30pm Additional Clues

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Errol On Top of the World — LIFE Magazine: May 23, 1938

23 May

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