Captain Cary

19 Jun

June 19, 1935

Lloyd Pantages
I Cover Hollywood
Los Angeles Examiner

Cary Grant is being tested for the lead in Captain Blood at Warners. If he gets it, it will be the second time he has been loaned from his home lot, Paramount, since his advent into the cinema. His only other loan was to Twentieth Century for Born to be Bad. Incidently, Captain Blood was originally slated for Robert Donat until the English courts decided that his contract with Warners was invalid and that he should remain in England with another company.

— Gentleman Tim


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As much as I LOVE Cary Grant in many of his cinematic efforts over the years, I don’t think he could “carry” the day (back in the day) on this one. As was ABUNDANTLY evident, echoed in this enthusiastic review of December 27, 1935 titled “A Newcomer Named Errol Flynn in a Handsome Film Version of ‘Captain Blood’…”, the New York Times’ Andre Sennwald observed (…): “With a spirited and criminally good-looking Australian named Errol Flynn playing the genteel buccaneer to the hilt, the photoplay recaptures the air of high romantic adventure which is so essential to the tale.” And… Read more »