The Perfect Specimen

12 May

May 11, 1937

Elizabeth Yeaman

Hollywood Citizen News

Errol Flynn will lay aside his rapier and don boxing gloves for his next picture, The Perfect Specimen, for in this story he will portray a gent who is handy with his dukes. Furthermore, he is going modern in more ways than one.  He is to have a smart-cracking leady lady in the person of Joan Blondell.  Joan, however, should not be classified as a leading lady, but as a co-star.  Incidentally, the Flynn physique can now be bared for the entertainment of feminine fans.  The age of chivalry and its uniforms will be tossed out completely.

A strictly modern supporting cast is lined up for The Perfect Specimen. Beverly Roberts will appear in the second feminine lead, and Dick Foran will be on hand in another featured role, while comedy is to be provided by Edward Everett Horton.

Michael Curtiz will direct, and the picture will star almost immediately. It is amazing how fast production is being resumed, now that the producers have reached an agreement with the Screen Actor’s Guild.







— Gentleman Tim


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  1. rswilltell

    May 13, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    “The Perfect Specimen” is a delightful comedy with Errol Flynn at the zenith of his career and good looks. His co-star Joan Blondell had a ball making this film with Errol Flynn but her husband Dick Powell was unhappy. Powell was bickering with Jack Warner, and left the studio taking Joan Blondell with him. Instead of renewing her WB contract, Blondell worked at every studio in town in secondary roles. Her starring days were over thanks to Dick, who’s career rose with ‘film noir’ epics. They later divorced. Joan should have dumped him in 1937 and easily make another picture with Flynn. Ralph Schiller

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