In Like Flynn -Film Showing-

29 Jul

In Like Flynn

— twinarchers


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OK, I just read this synopsis of the new Flynn movie. I’ll admit that I read Beams End in the early 70s and a lot of it is some what foggy. I did read THE YOUNG ERROL and I know John Hammond Moore and had him on my radio show. Errol got the money to buy the Sirocco from his grandmother. Errol stated in MWWWs that he won it in a card game if my memory serves me right. I understand this is a movie and the director has taken creative license with this story. I’m old fashion and I… Read more »

Yes, the storyline used in the film seems to deviate some what from reality … I would have thought fiction was unnecessary when having Errol as central character, his real life feats being more than enough to carry any narrative. Nevertheless, I’m going to be seeing the film myself – the Western Australian premiere – when it screens as part of the CinefestOZ 2018 Film Festival late August. As a filmmaker myself, I have a short film titled Doris selected to screen in the festival. Look forward to sharing my review of In Like Flynn with Flynn fans. Cheers, Philip… Read more »

Congratulations, Philip! Very cool you (and Doris) will be at CinefestOZ!! I wish you much fun and success!!

Hope you enjoy In Like Flynn, too. I read it’s a “laugh-along” film. Having an EFB Author there will be Flynntastic.
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Cheers Tim, appreciate your good wishes. This new Flynn movie on the other hand is sounding worse by the minute, and lighter. If it’s a dramatic comedy it sounds like something they would have scheduled for a Saturday matinee in Flynn’s day, a B grader. What I was hoping for was something in the mould of an A list adventure with a bit more depth, portraying Flynn in more than a single dimension. Sounds like it’s perpetuating the on-screen Flynn persona, not the wonderful complexity and fascination of his off-screen self. Oh well, we’ll see

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As I understood Luke had much to do in the production of this film? If so leave it to the grandson of Errol to spin some yarn! I will still enjoy this film no matter how much it’s not like the books written by Errol, who took much license in his own write LOL! Yes Jack I understand your opinion, however creative license is free and expression is what it’s all about.
The real true story may never be known!

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