Olivia de Havilland to be honored

20 Mar

Back in July of 2016, Olivia de Havilland gave a interview with People Magazine on turning 100.…

During the course of that interview came an inevitable question:

Asked if there’s any advice she’d give to her younger self, she replies, “Take a long leave of absence from the Warner contract and go to Mills College, where the scholarship I had won in 1934 is still waiting for me!”

Now, I have a connection with this small women’s (undergraduate) and coed (graduate) college located in Oakland, California. And needless to say they were both DELIGHTED AND SURPRISED to have received this ultimate of complements.

I have since been informed that this complement is to be returned and the missed opportunity corrected of a sort:

“We are so thrilled to honor Olivia de Havilland at commencement this year on May 12th. Her daughter will be here to receive the honorary degree on her behalf. Such exciting times!”

So congratulations, in advance, to the soon to be GRADUATE!




— Karl


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Brava for Olivia! While there at it, she should be honored with a J.D. at USC for her recent legal heroics there, as well as all she did in the 40s in taking on all the greedy moguls of Hollywood.……

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If anyone deserves it, this grand lady does many times over!
As our world continues to change, I will miss Livvie and so many others like her that gave us all so much. Better late than never!

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Isn’t this WONDERFUL? Thanks Karl!

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Wow, this is so cool. Are you on Twitter, Karl? If so, you should post a screenshot and tag it #TCMParty. I know a lot of people in that community would be interested to see it :)

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Very nice, thanks

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Aren’t we lucky to still have Maid Marian among us!

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Long live Lady Livvie!

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