Errol Flynn’s Costume from ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN to be auctioned

11 Mar

Apparently Russell Crowe is auctioning off a lot his stuff and one of the lots is Errol’s costume from The Adventures of Don Juan (1948). It’s expected to draw AUS$10-20K.…


Don Juan costume

— Paula


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Wonderful, Paula! Thank you, for finding and sharing!! “Travilla’s only Academy Award for Costume Design came courtesy of…Errol Flynn” “Though he is most associated with 20th Century Fox and Marilyn Monroe, Travilla’s one and only Oscar win for costume design came courtesy of Warner Brothers and Errol Flynn. In the early 1940s, Travilla started his time in the studio system at Warner Brothers, which would eventually include the gorgeous gowns he made for friend and fan Ann Sheridan in Nora Prentiss (1947). Though contemporary wardrobes such as this won approval with audiences, more often the Academy loves to reward period… Read more »

A dazzling array of magnificent costumes, indeed!

Travilla was definitely This Girl’s Best Designer Friend:

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Way to go Russel. I cant seem to find a photo of him with this outfit on. Maybe it is from the film but not a Don Juan costume?

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