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Flynn Fan Wants to Be the Next Bond

08 Feb

Shayer admitted that he had tremendous respect for … Errol Flynn

Model Alex Shayer Ready To Hit Hollywood…

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75 Years Ago Today

07 Feb

FEBRUARY 6, 1943

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Lollowood Boulevard

06 Feb

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Gina Lollobrigida received her first star on Hollywood Boulevard this week.
Starring with Errol in “Crossed Swords” in his initial European outing and second coming as Don Juan in Italy, after besting Cinecittà it boosted her quest to conquer Tinseltown .
Once crowned Italy´s most beautiful child and runner- runner up in the Miss Italy pageant of 1947, she quickly made a name for herself with movies like “Tulip le fanfan” and “The Young Caruso”.
Never shy and according to her own words “very headstrong” she would go on to complement leading men like Burt Lancaster, Tyrone Power and Anthony Quinn.
She as well as her most ardent rival for the title of “La donna piu bella del mondo”, Sophia Loren, were both considered as leading ladies in the ill fated Flynn tale of William Tell.
While Loren was turned down by our man Flynn, la Lollo meanwhile had a too hefty price tag attached.
She had just won the “Coppa Volpi”, a prestigeous film award.
Some rememberences of this highlight night can be read here:…


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Dear Errol Flynn, Love Marilyn Monroe

05 Feb

Dear Errol Flynn,

You are a hard man to get!

Love, Marilyn Monroe…


MONROE, Marilyn (1926-1962) Autograph letter signed (”Marilyn Monroe”) to Errol Flynn (1909-1959), [Los Angeles, c. 1950]. 3 pages, on a folded 12mo calling card engraved on front: ”Mrs. Edward Francis Hutton,”

A rare and unusual autograph letter from the young star, written to one of her matinee idols, Errol Flynn, thanking him for a gift of flowers. The note, which appears to have been left at Flynn’s Mullholland Farm doorstep, reads, in full: “Dear Errol Flynn. You are a hard man to get! I have called you several times to thank you for the lovely flowers, and nice note, but have not been lucky enough to reach you – They were lovely, and it was so nice of you to have thought of sending them – Thank you – See you soon, have fun! love Marilyn Monroe”

Flynn was one of Monroe’s screen idols as a child–she saw Flynn’s 1937 film Prince and the Pauper at least three times. When she made it in Hollywood, she attended at least a few of Flynn’s infamous parties on Mullholland Farm. Heddy Lamar recalled that Flynn used to conduct “greyhound” races on the hillside lawns surrounding his estate, with six young men donning numbers on their backs, would chase a “rabbit,” which was actually a young girl, topless, wearing bunny ears. The winner would get the girl, while the girl received a sable stole. “In fact, Marilyn Monroe was the bunny once; though in all fairness to Marilyn, she got the sable but the winner got only a kiss and a photograph of himself with Marilyn…” (McNulty, Errol Flynn, 312)

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Chasing Errols

04 Feb…

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04 Feb

“Keeping in line with the theatrical theme, the trophy draws on spatial elements used to create theatrical space. The trophy illuminates from within a metallic bronze coloured powdercoated aluminium tube, as each trophy is symbolic of the shining talent they are awarded to. A fine slit in the aluminium narrows and intensifies the light, along which the names are engraved.”…

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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn and Olas Atlas!

01 Feb

Author Sue Carnes writes to us:

I am right about now writing the part of my new book about the Belmar Hotel that includes stories about Errol Flynn. He was one of the many exciting individuals who spent time on the Bay of High Waves (Olas Altas) in Mazatlan. His special interest was the Belmar where he kept a room, but also a certain establishment called the Stratosphere on Ice Box Hill. That is the hill in the old photograph, and the Belmar is right in the middle of the Bay of High Waves pictured there a little to the right between the trees. Errol’s yacht the Sirocco was often anchored right out front as he made his way to Mazatlan or further South to Acapulco. Errol’s room was No. 35 which could never be rented later. No one could stay there. The room was remodeled and renumbered. Any insight to any of this would be greatly appreciated.


Sue Carnes


Thanks, Sue!

Author Sue Carnes

— David DeWitt


A Facelift for Olas Atlas

01 Feb

“We cherish that some of the most famous people in the U.S. and Mexican political and cultural history continue to choose Mazatlan and Olas Altas as their hideaway,” said Ruiz Coppel. “From past Mexican presidents and some of the most celebrated names in Hollywood such as Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum to modern-day movie stars, Mazatlan will always be a quick getaway that’s not too far from home but a world away from the everyday grind.”…



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