Crews of The Zaca

05 Sep

I think it would be great to collect and publish names of Zaca crew members since the days of the legendary schooner’s first launch in Sausalito nearly ninety years ago.

It’s been reported that Templeton Crocker’s Zaca had up to eighteen crew members, including on his circumnavigation of the world, and his legendary scientific expeditions. This included his personal valet, a doctor, and a photographer. From photos, it appears the Navy appears to have had that amount or even more crew.

The number of crew on Zaca when Errol sailed her appears to have varied.

Nail polish millionaire, Freddie Tinsley, certainly must have had some crew at times, mostly only a skeletal crew for dockside entertainment. It’s unclear, however, how often he actually sailed The Zaca.

I am not certain if Joseph Rosenberg, Bernard Voisin or Phillip Coussins ever actually sailed Zaca.

Today’s Zaca – majestically restored and cared for by its current owner, Robert Memmo – has been said to day cruise out of Monaco with as few as four in its crew.

For the historical record, can anyone help name members of these various crews?
(Ahoy San Francisco Bay Area Marine Historians, Wallace Berry, WWII Navy Alumni Associations, Port Antonians, Bonny Cother, and Palma de Majorcans!!!)

1929 – 1942 – Templeton Crocker, San Francisco
1942 – 1945 – U.S. Navy – renamed “USS Zaca” “IX-73”, San Francisco
1945 – 1945 – War Shipping Administration
1945 – 1946 – Joseph Rosenberg, San Francisco
1946 – 1959 – Errol Flynn, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Jamaica, Mediterranean
1959 – 1965 – Freddie Tinsley, Palma de Mallorca to Villefranche Su Mer
1965 – 1990 – Bernard Voisin, Villefranche Su Mer
1990 – 1990 – Phillip Coussins, Villafranche Su Mer
1990 – 2017 – Robert Memmo, Monaco


Some of the crews can be seen in the videos below:

— Gentleman Tim


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GT I’d forgotten just how bad off the Zaca was in France. Even her masts gone. Does anyone know how much of her today is original or is she pretty much 90% or more made over new? Gosh even the plank flooring was shot in that video. Just curious. I’m so glad someone brought her back to life again.

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I did a rough translation of the information contained on this German Restaurant David references.. See attached if interested.…

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Hugs and kisses to you both for setting me straight – my God – that is breathtaking what they did with her insides….thank you so much Karl for the translation!

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Hi Zaca;
The Zaca is most beautiful today, but from the original Errol’s Zaca is extremely little left thanks to Freddie Tinsley as you can see from the video. She was bare, he stripped her to the ground! You can read all about it in my article! Lots of underhanded things went on started by the lawyer.
Here is a fitting quot by Arthur Garfield Hays: “Where there is a rift in the lute, the business of the lawyer is to widen the rift and gather the loot.”
Very, very sad indeed!

The Zaca Today!

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Wow, Karl! Just AMAZING!

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Hurts to see her like this, stripped naked in public! Then I guess she even sunk…. Glad to see the resurrection!

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Here`s some of the ZACA crew from them Majorcan days courtesy of Ventu Sala, whose father was part of the sailors on Errol`s one and true love.

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From Bonny Cother: My father was the Master of Zaca 1956 57……….the third photo shows my father at the stern of Zaca. I have authored a book, Master of Errol Flynns Yacht Zaca Captain Patrick C Cother. The book is available on Amazon, contact now… not the bonnycother email address, purchase through Amazon. The book is full of photos of Errol and family the yacht, crew, interesting stories, correspondence between Errol and my father, copies of telegrams, the log book pages, over two hundred sold and no complaints. I hold the stock do not be led astray by bogus… Read more »