Double Decker

04 Dec

The Astonishing Double Lives and Double Dealings of John Decker




— Gentleman Tim


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Sometimes Leopold Wolfgang Avenarius von der Decken brought his drawing board to the morgue. This painting played a bit part in the film noir “Brute Force” and was owned by Hollywood producer Mark Hellinger. Not for long since he died of a sudden heart attack in 1947. Buy it here and hold on to it for your dear life:…

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John Decker’s art makes my blood run cold. Why all the fuss for this mediocre artist? Ralph Schiller

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Even though a much finer caricaturist than painter, Decker was a much sought after artist for in movie artworks, mostly sinister stuff. Here for example he depicted Joan Bennett in “Scarlett Street”. Ralphaello, it`s the man behind the canvas that merits our attention:…

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