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The French House

23 Apr

Wartime Wine: Going Soho in the Basement with Errol & Welles

Meet the Cabaret-Dancing Pub Landlady Who Doesn’t Serve Pints


Annex - Flynn, Errol_NRFPT_12

— Gentleman Tim


Nick Thomas sends an Update Hello God! Sherry Jackson!

22 Apr…

Nick Thomas sends in this update about actress Sherry Jackson who was in Hello God with Errol Flynn.

Thanks, Nick!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Jack Marino’s Farewell Radio show!

22 Apr

Dave, you can post this or write a notice on the EF blog to let them all know I’m not on the radio anymore

SUNDAY, April 24, 2016 at 7PM PST & 10PM EST Jack Marino Warriorfilmmaker Show on… on Channel 2

ATTENTION: To All FANS OF MY RADIO SHOW “Jack Marino Warrior Filmmaker” on L A Talk Radio

I want to take this time to sincerely THANK EVERYONE who has followed my radio show since January, 2010. I have been unsuccessful in getting sponsors to help offset the cost of doing the show and therefore it is with heavy heart and much regret that I have to inform you that Sunday, April 24, 2016 will be my farewell show.

I just can’t express how deeply grateful I am that I have so many such faithful and supportive fans of my show. I will miss doing the show and all of the fun we’ve shared over the years. The owners, here at L A Talk Radio, have expressed to me that I am welcome to come back at anytime should my situation change in a year or two.

I will be doing my last show alone, since I have to thank so many wonderful people. As always, if any of you want to call the show please feel free to do so and let’s talk about how you felt about the show and who was your favorite interview.

The call-in number for my show this Sunday, April 24, 2016 at 7PM PST and 10PM EST is 818-602-4929. You can also send me an e-mail of your thoughts about my show and how you felt about what I was doing on the air.

Please write to me at… and, with your permission, I will use these comments as reviews on my website to attract and bring in future sponsors.

Again, I want to thank LA TALK RADIO, the owners, Sam and Dina Hasson, for allowing me this great opportunity to get on radio and a special thank you to all my amazing guests who came on my show to share their sometimes colorful but always interesting stories and to all my listeners all over the world, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will miss you all,
Your Humble Radio Host,
Jack Marino


Here is a link to the Farewell Show:

— David DeWitt


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”THE DAWN PATROL” (1938) airplane found while being restored.

22 Apr

I came across an article of the discovery of a ”N28 WW1 aircraft ”Hero” used by Errol Flynn in the movie ”THE DAWN PATROL”. While it didn’t actually fly, there are numerous scenes where we can see Flynn climbing in and out of the plane and the plane taxiing with Flynn inside (probably being pushed on the ground). Used in the movie were WWI Nieuport 28’s (there were 4 of them). This was the last movie these planes appeared in, so it still retained the movie camouflage from 1938 (although worn after 70 years). After the movie, they resided in storage at Orange County airport, and eventually they were sold and restored in the UK in the 90’s, flown for awhile, and in the late 1990’s sold to a private collector. The new owner noticed there were painted designs on the aircraft panels when new paint was removed. The aircraft was researched and traced back to being used in the movie. As seen in the pictures, the panel design was on the bare shell of the plane before being removed for the restoration of the plane. This piece measures 18″ x 27″. When looking at detailed pictures, the paint and markings on the other panel from this plane can be matched up exactly with a picture from the movie. The aircraft now on display at the Army Airforce Museum.

[flagallery gid=29]

— Kevin Wedman


“Lights, Camera, Action!”

21 Apr

Errol Led the Way for Action Heroes, Commencing with Captain Blood

Lights, camera, action!

— Gentleman Tim


Crossing words with Maestro Musumeci

19 Apr


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I had the great pleasure to catch up with Maestro Renzo Musumeci Greco again. We met before, remember?…
He was kind enough to share this snippetshot with you of a “Curly Errol” and an on location episode as told to him by his great late father, Enzo.
Our Hollywood hero the joker he was, came up with a new routine while filming “Crossed Swords” in Naples.
He sent an assistant to get him some pea sized firecrackers.
At an evening event he carried them with him and was looking to get rid of them what deemed to him as an appropriate moment.
When cocktails were served and he was surrounded by the usual bystanders, onlookers and wannabeseens, Flynn proposed a toast.
In the middle of his speech, he halted, wiggled his nose, and started picking it!
To the astonishment of everybody in the room he produced a round object… which he inspected thoroughly, before throwing it to the ground with a grand gesture.
When it exploded with a loud bang, there was quite a commotion in the crowd as one can imagine, while the perpetrating prankster was literally cracking up.
I call that stick “Grin like Flynn”.


— shangheinz



18 Apr

Pretty cool….

— Sergio


Captain Blood

18 Apr

At first I thought I had found an image called a storyboard but this was not the case.

— twinarchers


The Big Snook

17 Apr

Earl Conrad thought it to be a cruel joke played on him by Errol while in Jamaica. Not true. Errol was telling the truth just like he always did.…

— twinarchers


Authors! A Note …

17 Apr

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— David DeWitt


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